Wellbeing should mean health and happiness, in equal measure. But as we have learned over two decades at CaringBridge, it is, indeed, possible to find wholeness in each moment, even when physical health is not guaranteed. Wellbeing for many of the people who use CaringBridge is an ongoing process of physical, spiritual, emotional and relational betterment. It is an essential element of every health journey.


What to Say to Someone with Cancer

When a friend or family member is diagnosed with cancer, it’s hard to know what to say. Sadly, this sometimes translates into saying nothing at all. To show our support for cancer patients, we have to speak up. We asked our community to share words of encouragement that helped them through their battle. They offered… Read More


13 Amazing Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients

When you find out someone you love has cancer, you won’t always know exactly what to say or do to make their experience easier. Giving a thoughtful gift is one of the many ways you can show support to a loved one going through cancer treatment. For inspiration, we asked members of the CaringBridge community… Read More

Doug O'Donnell said friends and family have been a support system through his son's cancer journey.

10 Tips to Find Strength When Your Child is Chronically Ill

Doug O’Donnell, second from right, said friends and family provide a support system that keeps he and wife, Lianne, strong through their son’s cancer journey. A group of friends regularly gathers at a family-friendly brew pub owned by a college friend to celebrate the good and lift each other up through the bad. Until his… Read More

Martinez Family

Advice for Parents with Chronically Ill Kids, From Parents Who Know

Every time Jaxson had a scheduled hospital stay, Judy decked out his room with Ninja Turtles, Mickey Mouse, Captain America, Cars and more.  Juan Martinez of Uvalde, TX, is a firefighter and EMT who says his wife, Judy, is the strongest person he knows. But this dynamic duo didn’t feel brave or strong when their… Read More

Cathy Wurzer and Bruce Kramer

Lessons in Living While Dying

Bruce Kramer and his friend, Cathy Wurzer, also his writing and broadcast partner, record a conversation about living with ALS. Their collaboration has evolved into the End in Mind project. (Photos courtesy of Minnesota Public Radio) Speaking does not come easily anymore for Bruce Kramer of St. Paul, MN. Secured upright in a high-tech wheelchair,… Read More

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