Wellbeing should mean health and happiness, in equal measure. But as we have learned over two decades at CaringBridge, it is, indeed, possible to find wholeness in each moment, even when physical health is not guaranteed. Wellbeing for many of the people who use CaringBridge is an ongoing process of physical, spiritual, emotional and relational betterment. It is an essential element of every health journey.

James S. Doyle

How Life Can be Lived With Hope, Even in Trying Times

While his hope in life has been severely tested, Jim Doyle says he has chosen to redirect his energy to what is possible, instead of impossible. Jim Doyle, husband, father of five sons—including two sets of twins!—and author of “Hope for Life: Being Your Best Self When You Need It Most,” reflects on ways in… Read More

Exercise after cancer diagnosis

Exercise After Cancer Diagnosis Can Offer Physical, Mental Benefits

It used to be that rest was favored over exercise during and after cancer treatment. But research continues to support the “prescription” to get moving. Cathy Skinner is a cancer exercise specialist certified by the American Academy of Sports Medicine, and author of “The Art of Well’s Exercise for Cancer Recovery.” Based on her experience… Read More

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Why Share Your Story

Why Share Your Story? During Illness, Storytelling Can Help Healing

Dr. Annie Brewster and her husband, with their children In the words of treasured American author Joan Didion, “We tell stories in order to live.” Stories connect us as human beings, and help us find meaning in this sometimes-baffling world. As a patient living with multiple sclerosis, I know this to be true. Stories have… Read More

Archelle Georgiou

A Doctor Reflects on Decision-Making During Health Journeys

Archelle Georgiou, author of “Healthcare Choices” Archelle Georgiou, MD, is a storyteller, physician, former healthcare industry executive and author of “Healthcare Choices: 5 Steps to Getting the Care You Want and Need.” Here she reflects on decision-making during health journeys, the power of social support, and differences between health and healing. Can you describe your… Read More

Dr. Annie Brewster discusses how letting people in to her multiple sclerosis journey was freeing—for everyone involved.
Using CaringBridge Wellbeing

Letting People Into Your Health Journey

When I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, shame consumed me. Guilt, too. I am not sure I could have named these emotions at the time, but they were there anyway, and they lingered for years. These feelings of shame and fear kept me cut off from myself and from others. My greatest fear was… Read More

gardening therapy

Gardening Therapy: Plus, You Get Strawberries

“Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do. Plus, you get strawberries.” —Rob Finley, Designer, Gardener and Collector I grew up on a farm in Southwestern Wisconsin. I’ll admit that yes, on occasion, the cows did get out. I can still replay my grandmother darting out of the kitchen door, hands waving… Read More