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Kelly Espy
Using CaringBridge

Celebrating the Season of Giving and Healing

I have been at CaringBridge for 14 of its 20 years of existence, and what you have made possible this year is unlike anything I have ever seen. You inspired How We Heal, a project where CaringBridge users across the country shared what healing can look like. Since late September, words of wisdom from 20… Read More

Using CaringBridge

What is CaringBridge?

Your free CaringBridge website has all the tools you need to keep your family and friends updated during a difficult time. Because we’re a nonprofit, we put your needs first. Share CaringBridge with a friend today.

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Using CaringBridge

3 Ways Family and Friends Can Support CaringBridge Authors

After her son was seriously injured in a car accident on the way to preschool, a CaringBridge mom spent 10 nightmare days and sleepless nights in her toddler’s hospital room. No one was sure the boy would survive. During that terrible time, Erica sat at her son’s bedside, with her hand on his. She propped… Read More

Photo Credit: David McLain
Using CaringBridge

How to Use CaringBridge as ‘Information Central’

Known fact: No one has time to talk on the phone during a health crisis. But keeping family and friends updated via email and text can be just as time-consuming—with every well-intended person creating an individual conversation loop. And then there’s Facebook and Twitter, which many CaringBridge users say are not the right places to… Read More

power of prayer
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How to Start a Prayer Chain

Prayer is among the most ancient of human practices, and to this day billions of people believe in its power. Prayer transcends religions, denominations, sects and belief systems of all kinds. It is used in a multitude of ways: to seek comfort, make a request, ask for guidance, heal and restore, express sorrow, celebrate joy,… Read More