Using CaringBridge

Using CaringBridge

How CaringBridge Supports Personal Fundraisers Through GoFundMe

Years of research and reporting confirm what patients and caregivers who use CaringBridge and personal fundraisers like GoFundMe know first-hand: A health crisis can wreak havoc on family finances. Such headlines as “The Financial Burden of Illness” and “The Economic and Emotional Costs of Caregiving” put a pricetag on things we hear often at CaringBridge:… Read More

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Family of Preemie Twins Feels Double-Blessed

Katie and Ben Ritter of Moorhead, MN, with Tate and Mila. Born prematurely, the twins spent 13 long weeks in the NICU, with their parents at their side. Spoiler Alert: Twins born at 26 weeks, weighing just 2 pounds each, do turn into healthy, happy and very busy toddlers. I’d like you to meet Tate… Read More

ways to help
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6 Ways to Help During a Health Crisis

CaringBridge families confirm that one of the most well-intended but non-helpful phrases heard during a health crisis is: “If you need anything, just call me.” “I appreciate the gesture, but I’m just too overwhelmed to respond,” said a Minnesota wife and working mom of teen-agers who added “primary caregiver” to her job description upon her… Read More

Molly Sturgis and son, Telly.
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3 Benefits of Sharing Health Updates

Molly Sturgis said sharing health updates on her son’s website helped keep her connected to life outside the hospital. Sharing health updates with family and friends can be enormously beneficial. CaringBridge users–the real experts–say that whether you write a little, or a lot, the act of “getting it out” can provide: A Way to Stay… Read More

Kelly Espy
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Celebrating the Season of Giving and Healing

I have been at CaringBridge for 14 of its 20 years of existence, and what you have made possible this year is unlike anything I have ever seen. You inspired How We Heal, a project where CaringBridge users across the country shared what healing can look like. Since late September, words of wisdom from 20… Read More

Using CaringBridge

What is CaringBridge?

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