We hear this so often: “I did not start a website with the intention of healing. But that is what happened.” Many people come to CaringBridge, at first, to streamline communication during a health crisis. But then the love and hope streams in from family and friends. Sharing their stories helps people make sense of things – and so many things on a health journey just don’t make sense. We’ve learned, too, that even when there’s not a cure, there’s a power in sharing stories.

Hope. Healing. You.

Healing Starts With You

Last week, you met the Pierson family—a big, bright, loving family who has been working together tirelessly to fight Joe Bully, a brain tumor in 8-year-old Gavin’s head. Families like the Piersons exemplify just exactly how clear communication and widespread support can help illuminate a path during a health journey’s darkest days. At CaringBridge, we… Read More

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How Nicole Chooses Hope Over Fear
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Choose Hope Over Fear

Living with a life-threatening disease is not what you might think. It is worse, in some ways – but surprisingly better in others. I always imagined being very old before experiencing this myself. Never had I imagined that it would occur before I was 30 years old, and that it would happen to my 5-year-old… Read More

Brain Tumor Stories Stories

You Deliver Hope and Healing

You may not know me, but I have felt your kindness and generosity during my family’s darkest time. My name is Nicole Pierson and I’m a mother of three, a wife, a teacher and a CaringBridge supporter. Here’s why: Almost three years ago, I was in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, terrified. Days before, our… Read More


Gratitude While Facing Crisis

“It’s the very real presence of people expressing their compassion of encouraging me in each moment.” – Jeffery Ford Jeffery Ford and his wife Lynette Marshall have “gotten off the ash heap” many times because of the intervention of the simplest things. Over the last year and a half, Jeffery has been battling back from… Read More

How I survive my chronic illness, a guest post by Chanel White, CaringBridge website author

How I Survive My Chronic Illness

Chronic illness has humbled me in this way; it has shown me that needing support from loved ones, and sometimes even total strangers, is not a sign of weakness, but one of strength. A Sign of Strength I have always been an independent woman. Even at a young age I insisted on completing tasks on… Read More


Confronting Breast Cancer: It Takes a Village

“This unbelievably difficult journey has been a reminder that life truly is short, to value each day and to cherish the important people in my life.” – Sara Schulz I am a breast cancer patient and survivor. When I was diagnosed with stage-3 triple negative breast cancer in November 2011, my family and my “village”… Read More