We hear this so often: “I did not start a website with the intention of healing. But that is what happened.” Many people come to CaringBridge, at first, to streamline communication during a health crisis. But then the love and hope streams in from family and friends. Sharing their stories helps people make sense of things – and so many things on a health journey just don’t make sense. We’ve learned, too, that even when there’s not a cure, there’s a power in sharing stories.

Bob, non-Hodgkin Lymphoma survivor

How Bob Survived Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Bob Kaufman wasn’t used to a slow-paced life. Once a producer on the nationally televised CBS: This Morning, he’s now the chief communications officer for the state of Texas Department of Transportation. He also ran marathons, played lacrosse, golf and more. “Physical fitness is in my DNA,” he says. But in 2009, he started to… Read More

Give the Best Gift by Helping Us Meet Our Match

Meet the Match: Give the Gift that Helps CaringBridge Thrive

When you work at CaringBridge, it really provides perspective on a daily basis: Gratitude for what we have, gratitude for what we can provide to others, a group of people who understand that life is not always easy, but there are things we can do to ease the struggle. So while we’re not unwrapping literal… Read More

CaringBridge believes that we are all stronger together.

Honoring the Story That Started it All, in 1997

June 7, 1997, was the day Baby Brighid was born. And with her birth came the birth of the first CaringBridge website. I created it so that my dear friends could tell their story and get support when she really needed it. The response it got, both from Brighid’s parents and Brighid’s followers—flipped a switch… Read More

Stronger Together: CaringBridge Donor Rik Lalim and the Kunert Family

CaringBridge Donor Spotlight: Rik Lalim

Please meet Rik Lalim, a long-time friend of CaringBridge. CaringBridge Author, Donor, Volunteer Rik’s been volunteering since the earliest days of CaringBridge. He’s a CaringBridge donor and Advisory Council member. Rik became a CaringBridge donor like many do—after his own experience with the life-changing service. He’s been both a CaringBridge visitor and author for websites for… Read More

The Luthers used CaringBridge for Nolan's rhabdomyosarcoma treatment.

Meet the Luthers

On Memorial Day weekend of 2013, Kevin and Tara Luther noticed something odd: the left side of their son Nolan’s face wasn’t as animated as it usually was. Their holiday weekend turned into an urgent-care visit, which then became a hospital stay. Within the week, four-year-old Nolan underwent two surgeries. At the end of the… Read More

The Kunert family after Graham's eye cancer diagnosis

A Place for Bringing Hearts Together

It’s been a long two-and-a-half years since the moment my son Graham was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare eye cancer. What we thought was a lazy eye turned into the diagnosis no one wants to hear: Cancer. He was just six months old. After Graham’s cancer diagnosis, our lives went upside-down. We were introduced to… Read More