We hear this so often: “I did not start a website with the intention of healing. But that is what happened.” Many people come to CaringBridge, at first, to streamline communication during a health crisis. But then the love and hope streams in from family and friends. Sharing their stories helps people make sense of things – and so many things on a health journey just don’t make sense. We’ve learned, too, that even when there’s not a cure, there’s a power in sharing stories.

Scott Family

Over Long Health Journey, CaringBridge Becomes Family's Blog

The Scott Family of Jupiter, FL: Toby, left, Abby, Jennifer and Charlie. In January 2008, during a 26-week prenatal check, my husband, Toby, and I learned that the right femur of our future daughter appeared to be half the length of her left femur. Though we didn’t have a name for it at the time,… Read More

Hanna and Tom Cooper

On the Topic, 'I Would Never Write About My Health on Facebook'

CaringBridge author Hanna Cooper gets a kiss from her husband, Tom Moberg. Social media keeps Hanna Cooper connected—on her terms. As a leadership and executive coach based in St. Paul, MN, Hanna uses LinkedIn and Twitter professionally. As a wife, mom, friend and neighbor, Facebook serves a social purpose. But it is through Hanna’s unexpected… Read More

Skordahl Family fighting childhood leukemia

Mom of Toddler With Leukemia: Live in the Moment

As the mom of a 4-year-old son in the midst of cancer treatment for leukemia, I need my precious Jack to be surrounded by love. Your support of CaringBridge makes that possible. My silly, happy, well-spirited boy has a full year left of chemo that gives him stomach aches and a face rash. One of… Read More


Listen in on a Doctor/Patient Heart-to-Heart

Jonathan Adler, PhD, left, Dr. Annie Brewster, Dr. John Trusheim and Michael Bischoff at a healing story session hosted by Health Story Collaborative. CaringBridge author Michael Bischoff of Minneapolis, a husband and dad of two living with glioblastoma multiforme, and his neuro-oncologist, Dr. John Trusheim, had a heart-to-heart conversation—before an audience of thousands, listening in-person… Read More

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What Life is Like, 4 Years After Stroke

The healing journey continues for Christine Richards, four years after a shower emboli stroke interrupted her happy life. Her husband, Loren, and their adult daughter and son, said they continue to encourage Christine’s efforts to do things made difficult by the stroke, and to show joy when progress is made. During the first and second… Read More


Photographer's Lasting Image of CaringBridge: A 'Sacred Place'

National Geographic photographer David McLain, with images of families featured in How We Heal, at a donor appreciation event for CaringBridge in November 2017. CaringBridge is a sacred place in the online world. It is beautiful. And rare. I say this as a National Geographic photographer who has seen many beautiful and rare things. But nothing… Read More

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