We hear this so often: “I did not start a website with the intention of healing. But that is what happened.” Many people come to CaringBridge, at first, to streamline communication during a health crisis. But then the love and hope streams in from family and friends. Sharing their stories helps people make sense of things – and so many things on a health journey just don’t make sense. We’ve learned, too, that even when there’s not a cure, there’s a power in sharing stories.

CaringBridge team

The Protection You Want, With the Privacy You Choose

CaringBridge was founded in June 1997 by Sona Mehring, who launched a website for friends whose daughter was born prematurely. The CaringBridge team, based in Eagan, MN,  has always strived to provide a safe, secure place for families on health journeys to share updates and receive support from loved ones. Because we ensure that websites… Read More


Mom’s Diagnosis of Lung Cancer Took Family’s Breath Away

Betsy Bluey Cook with her mom, Cathy, in a photo taken by a dear family friend. My Mom, Cathy Bluey, was insistent that Thanksgiving was coming and she needed to make her pumpkin pies. Sadly, the date was Dec. 19, 2013. The next day, after her MRI revealed gray areas of concern, our healthy wife,… Read More

Erica and Trip Bratland

Moms Feel Gratitude for Sons' Survival

It’s the simple things, like sending her son, Trip, off to school, for which Erica Bratland remains grateful. In addition to being moms of sons starting a new school year, Erica Bratland, Claire Schwab, Amy Beasley and Nicole Pierson, none of whom have met, have something else in common. Their hearts are full of gratitude… Read More