We hear this so often: “I did not start a website with the intention of healing. But that is what happened.” Many people come to CaringBridge, at first, to streamline communication during a health crisis. But then the love and hope streams in from family and friends. Sharing their stories helps people make sense of things – and so many things on a health journey just don’t make sense. We’ve learned, too, that even when there’s not a cure, there’s a power in sharing stories.


20 Years, 675,000 Stories, One You: Share Your Story

The First CaringBridge Website Twenty years ago this June 7, our founder, Sona Mehring, coded a website in her home office that changed the way the world communicates during a health crisis. She had been asked by dear friends in the midst of a life-threatening pregnancy “to let everyone know what was going on.” After… Read More

Michael Bischoff

A Healing Journey: Michael Bischoff’s Story

Michael Bischoff and Jenny Larson, with their children Isaiah and Grace Michael Bischoff started having headaches at the end of August 2015, right when summer turned into autumn. As the weather cooled, the headaches grew more intense and were joined by spells of nausea. Probably migraines, he thought, and went in for an MRI, where… Read More

Berit and Michael Francis, and family

Love Shines Through, Even in Bleakest Moments of Brain Cancer Journey

Berit and Michael Francis with their children, including Marit (flowered hat), a brain cancer survivor My 15-year-old daughter is a brain cancer survivor. She is 9 years out from active treatment, which included surgery, as well as radiation and chemo so brutal I wanted to die just watching her go through it. Healing Power of… Read More

Sona Mehring, founder of CaringBridge

Thanks to You, CaringBridge Is ...

CaringBridge Founder, Sona Mehring As we close the books on our successful Holiday Campaign, I have been thinking a lot about 20 years ago—June 1997—when I started CaringBridge. One act of building a website for two people during a health crisis. And here we are today! In 2016, nearly 33 million people visited CaringBridge at least… Read More

The Kim family thrives after labor complications..

Meet the Kim Family

After a routine pregnancy, Lindsay Kim encountered unexpected labor complications and needed an emergency C-section in order to save her baby Hazel’s life. Unfortunately, Hazel was deprived of oxygen for an undetermined amount of time, causing permanent brain damage. A Dramatic Entrance Baby Hazel’s arrival continued to unfold dramatically, including the practice of chill therapy… Read More