Brain Tumor

Gavin Pierson recuperates after surgery to stop "Joe Bully," the Intracranial Growing Teratoma Syndrome,growing in his brain.
Brain Tumor

Strong and Brave: One Child's Fight with Cancer

As I was about to watch my five-year-old undergo chemotherapy, I had a vivid dream that calmed the fear of the unknown. In my dream, Gavin’s neurosurgeon stoically walked out of surgery, telling us confidently, “I got all of the tumor.” This dream, although it would not be realized as I’d hoped, helped each time… Read More

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Stronger Together on #GivingTuesday
Brain Tumor Stories

Keeping Hope Alive

You may recognize Gavin—we’ve shared his CaringBridge story before, and his charisma is second-to-none. But in case you haven’t met, you must hear Gavin’s extraordinary story: Gavin was a normal 5-year-old kid—loving dinosaurs and full of energy—until one weekend he developed watery eyes, which turned into unusual eye movements, which turned into a trip to… Read More

How Nicole Chooses Hope Over Fear
Brain Tumor

Choose Hope Over Fear

Living with a life-threatening disease is not what you might think. It is worse, in some ways – but surprisingly better in others. I always imagined being very old before experiencing this myself. Never had I imagined that it would occur before I was 30 years old, and that it would happen to my 5-year-old… Read More

Brain Tumor Stories

You Deliver Hope and Healing

You may not know me, but I have felt your kindness and generosity during my family’s darkest time. My name is Nicole Pierson and I’m a mother of three, a wife, a teacher and a CaringBridge supporter. Here’s why: Almost three years ago, I was in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, terrified. Days before, our… Read More

Nikki Pierson with her son Gavin, celebrating the holidays despite a brain tumor diagnosis
Brain Tumor

A Christmas Letter of Hope

As the mom of a child who has been fighting a brain tumor for two and a half years, the holidays haven’t always been easy for Nicole Pierson, her husband and her three young children. Below she has written a Christmas letter to all those who are experiencing a hospital stay or health challenge this… Read More