Military Stories

Military Stories

Connecting Military Families and Loved Ones

As a military spouse living in Japan, I’ve seen that military spouses are strong women and men who pursue unique, portable careers while managing entire households alone for months at a time. Everyone always has the best intentions of helping when a military family member is deployed or an entire family is living far away… Read More

Sisters Greta & Anna: Fighting Hodgkins & Deployment together
Military Stories

Sisters and Best Friends, Conquering Challenges Together

There’s a saying out there about being kind to people no matter what, because we’re all fighting our own battles. In the Geist family, they’ve experienced two battles. One is now, thankfully, conquered—18-year-old Greta’s fight against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is coming to a close, as recent tests came back showing no signs of her cancer. “I… Read More