MaryJo Kreitzer

Reflections on How We Heal

Throughout the course of my nursing career that spans many decades, I have had the privilege of being with people during both joyous and vulnerable times in their lives. I have been with people who have suffered inexplicable losses, received news of a life-threatening diagnosis, are in the process of dying, or supporting loved ones… Read More


Without You, There is No CaringBridge

Thanks to YOU, CaringBridge has launched the first in a series of conversations to delve into the simple and complex topic of how we heal. In future segments, we want to share more about the science behind healing, of which there is surprisingly little. And to help the world arrive at a universal definition of… Read More

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Why is There So Little Science on Healing?

We have always known, instinctively, that something powerful shines through the love, hope and compassion that are the essence of CaringBridge. But about the only science available to back-up what we have observed, across hundreds of thousands of websites with billions of visits, has been a 2002 study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. That… Read More

Healing Wellbeing

Storytelling: One Approach to Healing

While life is, indeed, full of events we do not expect and cannot control, we play an active role in determining how our life stories unfold, by the moments we choose to focus on and remember, and how we remember them. When it comes to health, we can’t always control what happens to us, but… Read More


The Difference Between Health vs. Healing

People plunged into a serious health crisis typically can’t pause to take a deep breath, never mind take a step back to reflect. So to help look at all the ways in which people heal, more in the aftermath than in the midst of critical medical moments, we turned to someone who has reflected deeply,… Read More


Exploring the Topic of Healing

CaringBridge has served as the world’s witness to good stuff that comes out of bad stuff since June 7, 1997, when founder Sona Mehring, of Eagan, MN, launched one website to support two college friends whose daughter was born prematurely. Baby Brighid, delivered at 26 weeks and 1 pound, lived for just 9 days. On… Read More