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Gavin Pierson recuperates after surgery to stop "Joe Bully," the Intracranial Growing Teratoma Syndrome,growing in his brain.

Strong and Brave: One Child's Fight with Cancer

As I was about to watch my five-year-old undergo chemotherapy, I had a vivid dream that calmed the fear of the unknown. In my dream, Gavin’s neurosurgeon stoically walked out of surgery, telling us confidently, “I got all of the tumor.” This dream, although it would not be realized as I’d hoped, helped each time… Read More

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Bob, non-Hodgkin Lymphoma survivor

How Bob Survived Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Bob Kaufman wasn’t used to a slow-paced life. Once a producer on the nationally televised CBS: This Morning, he’s now the chief communications officer for the state of Texas Department of Transportation. He also ran marathons, played lacrosse, golf and more. “Physical fitness is in my DNA,” he says. But in 2009, he started to… Read More

Dr. Matt Dudley, acute myeloid leukemia survivor

Online Support System Gets Doctor Through His Cancer Journey

“Through CaringBridge, I’ve learned that the ability to communicate with others is crucial when battling a grave illness or disease. People’s support has been vital to getting through what I’ve gone through.” – Dr. Matt Dudley As a physician undergoing cancer treatments far from home, Dr. Matt Dudley relied on the love of family and… Read More

Mary shares her husband Jeff's journey with pancreatic cancer.

Jeff and Mary’s Story: Lives of Purpose

“I didn’t let cancer destroy me and we didn’t let cancer destroy our family. In some way he is living through this new life.” – Mary A Journey Based in Love Mary is full of life. She’s vivacious, spunky and some would even say feisty. But this story is not just about Mary – it’s… Read More

How I survive my chronic illness, a guest post by Chanel White, CaringBridge website author

How I Survive My Chronic Illness

Chronic illness has humbled me in this way; it has shown me that needing support from loved ones, and sometimes even total strangers, is not a sign of weakness, but one of strength. A Sign of Strength I have always been an independent woman. Even at a young age I insisted on completing tasks on… Read More


Confronting Breast Cancer: It Takes a Village

“This unbelievably difficult journey has been a reminder that life truly is short, to value each day and to cherish the important people in my life.” – Sara Schulz I am a breast cancer patient and survivor. When I was diagnosed with stage-3 triple negative breast cancer in November 2011, my family and my “village”… Read More