Serving as a family caregiver, whether during a health crisis or chronic illness, is a noble, honorable and magnificent act of love. But caregiving can also be relentless, isolating and sometimes scary to have so much responsibility. At CaringBridge, we honor the selflessness of caregiving, and the parents, spouses, siblings, adult children and dear friends thrust into the role, often without warning, when life turns on a dime.


14 Life-Changing Tips to Relieve Caregiver Stress

It’s a fact: caring for another person is stressful. Even though caregiving is one of the most rewarding and selfless acts of kindness a family member can provide, its challenges equal its gifts. In this article, we cover the symptoms and root causes of caregiver stress and offer insightful tips from current caregivers on how… Read More

community of caregivers stacking hands

10 Soul-Healing Tips to Help Prevent Caregiver Burnout

What would happen to a car that, day in and day out, simply never stopped running? Easy: it’d break down. This is what happens to caregivers when they don’t stop and take care of themselves. A certain amount of stress is normal, especially when providing consistent care. But when you’re plagued by constant exhaustion, disinterest… Read More


Caregiver’s Advice: Take Care of Yourself, Too

When Tanya Bailey of St. Paul, MN, was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2016, her husband, Peter, saw it was his role to support her through what they both knew would be a grueling course of treatment. It was. And he did. With Tanya now on the other side of radiation and chemo—she is back… Read More


10 Inspirational Caregiver Quotes That Will Make Your Day

It’s no secret – caregiving can be a tough job. On the days when you’re beyond stressed, you might feel completely alone. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In the United States, 43.5 million caregivers are currently helping their loved ones. As part of our Caregivers Up Close series, we asked wives, husbands, parents… Read More


Caregivers Talk About Struggles and Gifts of the Heart

If there is one thing that rings true, it’s that being a family caregiver is equal parts gift and struggle. While no one can take away the weight and worry of a health journey, at CaringBridge we wish to shine love and light on every parent, spouse, sibling, adult child and dear friend who has become, or will become, a family caregiver. Read on to learn more.