Software Engineer

Job Title: Software Engineer
Category: Technology
Location: CaringBridge Office

Job Summary

Are you a smart, passionate Software Engineer who loves to share what you know and learn new things? Are you interested in working with smart people, not just on the engineering team, but across the whole project team? Our engineers are talented, passionate, and creative people who take great pride in their work. Are you too? If so, let's talk.

Work with us as we maintain and improve a solid architecture, good testing and high performance on a large scale. Be surrounded and supported by equally smart, talented and committed people. Collaborate with our involved Customer Experience team to create the best possible product that is a joy to use. Team up with the SysAdmins and QA to help us move to Continuous Integration. Work with a Marketing team that is eager to get an IT perspective early in the planning stages.

You'll get to work with the latest and greatest in new and upcoming technologies. On the backend you'll use MongoDB and Zend Framework 2. You might play with Phalcon or work on one of our native apps. We work with Git and use Composer and Jenkins for builds. On the front end we use Backbone.js, Bootstrap and SASS. Show us what you know and help improve what we've got.

Your work at CaringBridge makes a difference in people's lives every day. When you tell people you work at CaringBridge, they thank you. We amplify love, hope and compassion for a million unique visitors a day. CaringBridge is used worldwide and is a top 1,000 US website and top 4,000 global website ( We've earned a 4-star rating from CharityNavigator for seven consecutive years. You become part of the CaringBridge community. Work/life balance is important. We regularly work 40-hour weeks and we get excellent benefits.

Join our awesome engineering team and help us build some cool stuff. We work together and have fun. Come work for CaringBridge and get awesome tech, a great team and your evenings to yourself.

Must have strong framework experience (Drupal doesn't count) in a production environment. Strong preference for working on large systems, multiple data sources and high availability environments. Strong preference for experience with TDD/Unit Testing, message queues (we use RabbitMQ but any will do), and APIs (beyond FaceBook). Experience with caching and SOA is a plus.

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