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Zeke’s Story

Dear Friends,
    We are writing on behalf of Zeke Pierce, his parents and his brother Max, until they are able to communicate with you themselves.  Zeke was in a bicycle accident on the mountain in Vail this past Saturday, July 13th.  He had a serious head injury and he is in a coma.  He is at Denver Children's Hospital, getting the best possible care.
    Please send your love and prayers to Zeke and his family.  It's important to stay positive and to see him well and whole.  Imagine him in class at school, walking down the hallway with his great smile, playing out on the soccer field...whatever comes to you.  Another way you might want to pray for him, if it feels right to you, is to get in touch with why you want to live -- what you love about life.  Send that to Zeke, from your heart to his, to help him get in touch with it for himself.
    You might be feeling so much care for Zeke that you want to go to the hospital, but please don't do that now.  The family will let you know when that might be appropriate.
    Peace and Love,
    Sheila, Denny & John Linn