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My heart...

Dear Friends who have been following this saga of my---our---beloved---
Around 8:40 this morning, July 3, 2014, R' Meshullam Zalman Hiyyeh took a few peaceful last breaths in his sleep, and slipped away from us.

Baruch dayan emet
Thank you all for all your caring messages, which I read to him daily.
He would want you to continue giving tzedakah and doing your very own good in the world in his memory.
It is likely that the funeral will be tomorrow at Green Mountain Cemetery in Boulder; and we know that he was hoping for a good shloshim.
(I can't really think about that right now; I am waiting here in our room for the chevrah kadisha to take him, and cannot imagine that I will never see him agsin in this lifetime.)
I will try to remember to check this site later this week.

Blessings to you all,
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lynne iser
By Lynne
Dearest Eve, my heart continues to hold you with so much caring... that you may feel the enormous love and gratitude that I and so many others have for you -- for who you are, and for how you have loved and cared for our beloved teacher. May you continue to feel this love, continue to feel held and supported as your journey through this time of loss, and may Reb Zalman's light and memory continue to be a blessing of love for all, Lynne
Habiba Kabir
By Habiba Kabir
Beloved Eve; Our hearts are weeping for you and your family and community. I can see the brilliant soul of Zalman dancing his way into the Realm of Beauty. Sending prayers and love and holding you all closely in our hearts. We dedicated our zikr to him last night and will continue to honor him in any way we can. Please let me know if there is something I can do to support you. Huge hugs, habiba ashki
Anne Parker
By Anne Parker
Just found out on email. So sorry to hear the news. So much love to you at this time.
I am in Jerusalem for three more weeks so I could not join you at the funeral. He is so alive in my heart. Hope to see you soon after I am back in town. Here things are tense with Old City closed and protests in many neighborhoods. Reb Zalman's life was such a blessing to the world and so is yours.
Edna Ross
By Edna Ross
Dearest Eve, my heart goes out to you, my friend. I'm filled with sadness, love & endless gratitude. My life has been transformed & enriched beyond words by knowing Reb Zalman & you. Your wonderful trip to Australia touched so many of us Down Under. May you be held by & find strength in the rivers of love.
Ozer Bergman
By Ozer "Lebbenu" Bergman
Jane Webber
By Amara
Deepest blessings to you, dear Eve. Breathe in, breathe out and let each moment embrace you. Love.
Jeff Foust
By Rabbi Jeff Foust Boston, MA
HaMakaom Yenachem Etchem B'Toch Avlei Tziyon V'yrushalayim u'V'Toch Kol HaAveilim BaOlam.
Z'L Moreinu v'Rabeinu HaRav Meshulam Zalman Hiyya HaKohen Shachter-Shalomi; Deployed by 'H as a Pathfinder and Paradigm Shifting Gate-Opener for the spiritual renewal of the Jewish people and the world. B"H May he now be at peace, and his family and all of us who love him find both comfort in his memory and challenge to hone our own Divine alignment and deployment to continue the work, for which he cared so deeply, of spiritual renewal and of Tikkun Olam.
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Nancy Klavans
By Nancy Klavans
May the sweet memories enfold you and carry you through this time of sorrow.
mimi feigelson
By mimi feigelson
my love and prayers are with you!
Shoshana Brenner
By Shoshana Brenner
Even though I didn't meet Him, I feel blessed by knowing we have had such a sage in our living time!