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Zaida’s Story

Zaida (ZAY-da) turned 3 in September 2007. We learned she has cancer on October 31st. After eight very emotional days in the hospital we learned it was peritoneal carcinomatosis, resembling ovarian cancer and mesothelioma (neither of which should happen to a 3-year-old).  She is now 10 and still an energetic and bright girl, even after all she has been through.

Click on 'Read More' below for more information about Zaida and how to DONATE TO ZAIDA directly through Zac's Legacy where the money will go towards her medical care.

Zaida has been a cancer patient for almost 7 years!  She had 3 years of various chemos and significant surgeries.  After this, we had 22 months of remission!  Treatment-free!  Zaida relapsed in April 2012, and had surgery and radiation (first time for radiation) over the summer.

She has just finished up 2 years of post-radiation chemo, and her doctors agree that she should go off-treatment.  She'll get blood work and scans regularly, but for now - NO CHEMO!

Zaida has a wonderful sister Runa (age 12) and they love to play (and fight) together.  Runa is such a wonderful and supportive sister!  

Please help support us in creating history - by helping us beat this unique illness. We welcome all the love and support we can get. Please sign our guestbook and read our journal. 

There is a fund set up for Zaida's medical care.

Donations can be sent to:

Zac's Legacy Foundation, Inc.

2990 W. 29th Street, Suite 1

Greeley, CO 80631

Please write 'Zaida Mattson' in the memo portion of your check.

Visit www.zacslegacyfoundation.org. All donations marked for Zaida will go directly back to the family. Also, visit www.zacslegacyfoundation.org for information on a tax deductable receipt.

Nichol has also started a home-based business to help with medical costs.  Please visit  www.facebook.com/HandmadeByNicholMattson and consider purchasing some handmade soap or hand-crocheted scarves.  They make wonderful gifts!

Latest Journal Update

Zaida's 10th Birthday and an Announcment!

Zaida with her Minecraft Nether Portal
Zaida with her Minecraft Nether Portal
Zaida turned 10 yesterday!  She had so much fun at her Minecraft party.  The kids made Minecraft items with perler beads, did Minecraft papercrafting, and Minecraft bingo.  We also watched Minecraft song parodies on Youtube!  Zaida and Runa had a great time.  (See some of our party pictures below.)  We're so pleased with how well Zaida is doing in school and medically.  We're still not sure, but she may be done with chemo!

The bone age x-ray we had in August (when she was 9 years 10 months old) of Zaida's left hand shows that she appears to be 7 years 10 months to 8 years 10 months old.  This is 1-2 years behind.  I think this means that her body will have a chance to catch up, but I'm not clear on this.  Her predicted height is 59-60 inches (4 foot 11 inches to 5 feet tall).  The doctor writes, "her growth failure is likely multifactorial including chronic illness, chemotherapy, and inadequate nutrition.  Bone age is slightly delayed, suggesting a final height prediction shorter than expected based on parental heights."  The chemo really ruins her appetite, and we've had to feed her by hand with her g-tube.  Now that we may be stopping chemo, Zaida's appetite should stabilize and she'll likely eat better, and have a chance to grow more quickly than the last several years.

In an effort to raise money for Zaida's continued medical care, and in honor of her 10th birthday (we feel genuinely fortunate we are able to celebrate this), I am announcing my home-based business, Handmade by Nichol Mattson.  I make handcrafted soap and hand-crocheted scarves so far, but I'm planning to try other things.  Please visit https://www.facebook.com/HandmadeByNicholMattson and check out the "About" page for lots of information!  Items are listed in the photo albums with specific product information.  It would mean the world to me if you "like" and "share" my page with your family and friends, and support a small business!

Thanks to everyone for all the love!