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February 20....5 months ago today...

I can drive now, yay! Today is the five month anniversary of my fall. What a crazy adventure it has been this far; from therapy, attempting to work out and getting back to my normal activities. I want to thank everyone for their amazing love and support. It has been a crazy adventure and am thankful for every single marvelous day. And to all a goodnight (Chris Kringle).
the one and only Zack

This is Luke, and I just wanted to say that Zack has come a long way, and that he has amazed us all in his process of recovery!! He's the best!!!!

This is Nancy. I would have to agree with Zack, it's been an adventure. Physically Zack's body is continuing to heal.  They have x-rayed his ankles and back; all broken bones have healed. A few weeks ago, we had a scare with one of the metal plates in his head coming loose.  I contacted the doctor after 10:00pm and he got right back to me (and that is only one of the reasons we love Dr. Wilkinson).  Our plan of action is to do nothing unless it starts to hurt; that was quite a scare. Zack continues therapy 3 times per week and is progressing. Reading is still hard, but Zack is such a trooper and is diligent about doing his studies. Traumatic Brain Injuries are tricky and the treatment isn't set in stone.  Some days Zack's memory is right on; other days not so much. Emotionally we are all slowly healing - having your child that close to death really takes its toll and we have all been changed.  I believe in my heart that Jesus' hand was always on Zack and that we truly witnessed a miracle.  We are just so blessed - God is just so good. It reminds me of Romans 8:28, "And we know that in God works for the good of those who love him".  Sometimes I just wish I could see His Master Plan. 

If you could send up prayers for Zack's complete healing, I would really appreciate that!  Good night and God bless.
Big hugs,