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On Friday September 20th 2013 Zack was with friends hiking the bluffs in Lacrosse WI. He had been at the top of the bluffs sitting and taking photos. When he and his friends had gotten up to leave he had lost his balance and fallen down the 70 foot cliff. The rescue team had gotten to him about 20min after he had fallen (about 2pm) . The rescue effort was a tough one because they had to cut down trees and brush to safely remove him from the area. By 3:30 Zack was finally to the hospital, just two miles from the bluffs that he had fallen off of.  

Our family appreciates all support and prayers and are truly asking for a miracle to happen.  


Ruth Boudet signed Zack's Guestbook.

So glad to hear from you Zack! Love you right back and keep us up to date. Smiles to all of you!! Read more

Terri Wehrman signed Zack's Guestbook.

Zach - It is great to see a post directly from you.  It is also great to hear that you are doing so well.  I truly believe that you are indeed blessed in so many ways. ... Read more

The Ormans: Bob & Sharon signed Zack's Guestbook.

Zack and Nelson Family; as I read your journal entries I smile huge and have tears of joy. I am so happy you continue to do so well. I truly believe that you Zack along ... Read more

Barb Pestka Clark signed Zack's Guestbook.

You are truly a miracle!  God has sure blessed you and your family!  Rock on and keep the faith! Read more

Marlys Koens-Kool signed Zack's Guestbook.

I have never met you, Zack, but have been praying for you.It is quite obvious that God has great and special plans for you!!!II am very grateful for the miracle of healing ... Read more

Iz Wilken signed Zack's Guestbook.

Wow, to think that you are writing your own messages only 4 months later!   Our prayers have been answered!  Good luck and best wishes to you in the future, Zack, and ... Read more

Ellie and Dave Streifel signed Zack's Guestbook.

Zack, Jerry, and Nancy - so glad to hear things are going good.  God put you on my heart yesterday to pray for you (didn't know why) and He has been so faithful and ... Read more

Ellie and Lowell Wondrow signed Zack's Guestbook.

We're so very happy for you, Zack......Your faith, your family and an abundance of prayers  gave you and your family this unbelievable miracle.....KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC ... Read more

Derek Icenhour signed Zack's Guestbook.

Zack,It's so great to hear from you.  We're glad that things continue to progress and we continue to pray for your healing. Read more

Judy Dokken signed Zack's Guestbook.

Zack, You are the miracle for many of us that puts before us the power of God, the power of prayer, and reminds us we are never alone. You and each of your family has ... Read more

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