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My Story

On Friday September 20th 2013 Zack was with friends hiking the bluffs in Lacrosse WI. He had been at the top of the bluffs sitting and taking photos. When he and his friends had gotten up to leave he had lost his balance and fallen down the 70 foot cliff. The rescue team had gotten to him about 20min after he had fallen (about 2pm) . The rescue effort was a tough one because they had to cut down trees and brush to safely remove him from the area. By 3:30 Zack was finally to the hospital, just two miles from the bluffs that he had fallen off of.  

Our family appreciates all support and prayers and are truly asking for a miracle to happen.  


Melena Nelson posted a new journal entry, "February 20....5 months ago today...".

I can drive now, yay! Today is the five month anniversary of my fall. What a crazy adventure it has been this far; from therapy, attempting to work out and getting back ... Read more

Ruth Boudet signed Zack's Guestbook.

How's your summer going Zack? Post some pics if you can. :) Still think about you a lot and wonder how you're doing. Hugs! Read more

Terri Wehrman signed Zack's Guestbook.

I am so excited to hear that Zack continues to hit important milestones, like back to driving, which is a biggie for a young man.  I do continue to pray regularly for ... Read more

Jeanne Block signed Zack's Guestbook.

So happy to hear of your great progress, Zack .  What a journey you and your whole family have been on, but how good it is to know that God has been and continues to ... Read more

Iz Wilken signed Zack's Guestbook.

I'm always happy to see an update on your recovery, Zack, and I'm delighted that you are still progressing well.  It's really amazing how you came back from ... Read more

Patricia Brink signed Zack's Guestbook.

Happy, healthy & healing thoughts and prayers for Zack.  You are on my mind often and continue to pray for you and your family! Read more

Linda Brockway signed Zack's Guestbook.

Praise The Lord for how well Zack has done, nothing less than a miracle! Prayers for continued healing for Zack and all of you! God bless, Linda Read more

Derek Icenhour signed Zack's Guestbook.

Zack, it's always good to hear updates from you and your family.  I'm encouraged to hear about your successes, even though there will also be setbacks.  Keep working ... Read more

Rick Sullivan signed Zack's Guestbook.

Great to hear Zack! Keep up the good progress and all the best to you and the family :) Read more

The Mackin Family signed Zack's Guestbook.

Zack , I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and your family! Read more

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