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Rowing on River and Graduation from May Center

Dear Friends,

We would appreciate your prayers for Zach.

In the past few weeks, he has had two staff infections and a serious rash that has kept him from his day program, therapies, rowing and work.   His doctor released him today to return to all these activities, but please pray for him to remain healthy.

We just found out that on Wednesday, June 4 at 1 PM, Zach has his May Center graduation.  Please pray that he would have a good reunion with former teachers, therapists and friends at his former neuro-rehabilitation school.

At the beginning of June, Pat and I want to take writing retreat for a few days.  We are sensing that God wants us to write something about Zach.  Please pray for wisdom.

As for praises, God has provided an opportunity for Zach to continue skilled OT, PT and Speech therapy at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.  We are so grateful to have him back at one of the greatest outpatient therapy centers in Boston.

Last but not least, Zach's spirits are still very high.  Today he got out on the river at Community Rowing.  I hope I can join him in the boat someday!  :)

With gratitude for all your love and support, 


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Barry Depot
I hope all is well with Zach and his rashes!! Thinking about you daily!!
Michelle-Jim Cornelson
By Michelle-Jim Cornelson
Dear Patrick and Tammy,

So glad you felt God telling you that Zack's story needs to be told! I'll be thinking of you and your writing, and praising God for all of my McLeod Clan!
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Donna Tesiero
By Donna Tesiero
So glad to hear that Zack has recovered from the staff infections. We'll be thinking of him on his graduation day from the May Center. Congratulations, Zack!
Meg Howard
By Meg Howard
Zach, Tammy, Pat, all the family, I am so sorry that Zack suffered those infections!
I praise God that Zack has been allowed to rejoin all the activities that are so wonderful for him.
This picture of Zack on the river shines such joy on us all. May God bless your family in the midst of all the work Zack has yet to do, and may Zack continue to be a source of profound blessing to others!
Doreen Dove
By Doreen Dove
Thinking of all of you...
Keith Davy
By Keith Davy
May God's grace continue to abound in these days--in Zach's life and health, in your writing and reflections, in your ministry and service of your family and our Lord! Keep pressing on!
virg n mary schatz
GOD LOVES YOU AND WE LOVE YOU. Keep rowing Zach. TRUST IN THE LORD. Love, virg n mary