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Zack’s Story

Hey everyone!

Thanks for checking out Zack's site. I'm sure he will appreciate knowing how loved he is. You can also sign up for journal update notifications below and post messages to Zack in the guestbook.

[Saturday, September 6, 2008]:

As many of you know, Zack suffered a serious head injury last night (Sept. 5th) during a high school football scrimmage. He was airlifted to the trauma unit at Boston Medical Center, where he arrived in a coma and had emergency surgery to relieve pressure on his brain and to remove a blood clot. He is now in a medically-induced coma in the ICU.

We are going to try to use this site to provide regular updates of his recovery. You can sign up in the "Journal" section to receive automatic notification of journal updates as we enter them.

We are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support we have received, and covet your continued prayers for Zack.


[Monday night, September 8, 2008]:


Dear Friends,

This is Pat (Dad) writing to give you an update on Zack.

I really can’t find words right now to explain how much I appreciate you and how much it has meant to me to experience such an outpouring of love from family and friends of Zack all around the country and even around the world.

At some point I hope to give you a longer update of how God has been ministering to me and to our family, but I simply can’t yet capture that in words. I can tell you that it has been incredibly deep, powerful and meaningful. I have definitely experienced grief and sorrow unlike I have ever known, but I also have met and experienced God in ways that I hope I never forget and can soon find time to put into words.

Today Zack’s CAT scan was unchanged. The doctors said that was neither good nor bad. What was good was that Zack continued to respond well to their means of managing the swelling in his brain. Swelling typically continues through the fourth day which is tomorrow and then tends to stop although it can go on for up to eight days. In sum, Zack is in stable but critical condition.

Not only Zack’s football team but his whole school has really come together around this situation. Today one of Zack’s dear friends, Donny, with whom he was baptized only a couple of weeks ago, requested that the school observe “Zack McLeod/> turn-back-the-compliment-day” because Zack is so well known for returning any compliment he receives with an even better compliment.

Also, at the morning assembly, Rebecca Upam, the head of school, read a letter that I will post later—a letter that I wrote yesterday morning on Zack’s birthday that is my best attempt to capture how I think Zack would want his classmates to respond.

Again, I am overwhelmed by your gracious response to Zack’s accident as well as overwhelmed at how many lives have been touched and blessed by him.

He truly is something very special.

Hold Fast,



[See the Journal for a posting of Pat's letter to the BB&N community]

Latest Journal Update

Former BB&N MVP pays tribute to Zach

Tonight a former BB&N football player, Patrick Champagnie, paid tribute to Zach.  Patrick is now playing college football in Rhode Island.  He came back to Boston this summer wanting to pay tribute to someone who had been an inspiration to him and his teammates his senior year.  Tonight, at the first scrimmage of the summer league of High School football Patrick presented Zach with his 2013 MVP trophy.  It was a pretty special moment for Zach as you will see in this video.  It is also another special moment for our family to see that almost 7 years after his injury Zach continues to love and receive love from players, teammates, coaches and the entire BB&N football community.
Thanks Patrick and the Champagne family!
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Lisa Uraimov
By Lisa Uraimov
Oh wow! That is just beautiful! Zach you are such an INCREDIBLE inspiration to so many! Jesus shines so brightly and so REAL through you!
virg n mary schatz
By virg n mary schatz
GOD LOVES YOU AND WE LOVE YOU. Wow!! Wow!! What a moving scene.
Jan Mansfield
By Jan
SO awesome! Zach clearly understood the significance of that! God bless them!
Laurie Besonen
By Laurie Besonen
Zach's expression of sheer awe is a sight to behold. He clearly received this as a gift that is priceless. What a beautiful heart he has maintained! Blessings!
Pam Strain
By Pam Strain
Thank you for sharing that. Wow. I'm speechless. And bawling. God just encouraged my heart by watching that. Love you guys!
Dianne Silvestri
By Dianne Silvestri
wow, i'm tears. beautiful.
the trophy goes to you too, Pat and Tammy.
Jim Layman
By Jim Layman
Great to see this! How Zack spreads joy and a giving heart.
David Thom
By Dave Thom
Pat M., thank you, that was great. This wouldn't happen without people like you and Tammy, the coach, and Zack. Leadership that leads infects one person after another: it's a fire that spreads. You guys fire me up!
Corri Ogburn
Oh my gosh - I'm just bawling - bawling...