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Zach Attacks!

Hey Zachy Fans-

We are all hanging in there, waiting for the warm weather to arrive. ITs been a rough emotional winter, and know sunshine and warmth could do us all good.

Just wanted to share with the ones that only follow his CB site about an amazing Zach Attack that is happening across the country.

A blogger who has a huge following picked Zach's story up and shared it and people are now planning on doing their own Zach Attacks at different hospitals and facilities in honor of mom's in the name of Zach.

I can't tell you how much this warm my heart! I can only imagine the party they are having in heaven watching all this happen in the honor and life of our amazing Zach.. 

You can check out the blog at

I also started a Zach Attack website so people can go there and learn about the Zach Attacks...

We are hanging in there but missing him like crazy!!!

With Faith Comes Hope,