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By Nancy Rudd — Jan 8, 2014 11:39pm
Rachelle,  He will come in your dreams and give you peace through thoughts and ideas.  I am reading a library book about that very same idea. You WILL see him, and your decision was correct.  Love is giving and that is what you did.  I saw the NBIA paper and the picture of your family by his headstone.  I never knew his middle name was Thomas. Sometime, I will tell you personally why Tom didn't have a middle name. I will send my first check this year to NBIA in memory of Zach. I have another story about a sign I asked for and received.  I wanted to know if those that had died (just before Tom) were OK.  I did receive the most awesome sign, so like one of those that died.  Email me, please.  I wish I had received your Christmas card, but 2013 was a crappy year for us, too. I look at pictures of Zach and think: "Even more so because of his death." I couldn't even send Christmas cards, except o 3 people that I cared about and had lost someone last year. Thank you for being "YOU" and being honest. Honesty gives us all the ability to grieve.  It is silent, because those that do not grieve have life go on.  One of my best friends died on Nov. 18, unexpectedly of natural causes. We shared so much and her kid's called me Aunt Nancy.  Take care and my prayers are for you comfort.  Nancy Rudd