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Zachary’s Story

On Saturday the 4th of June Zachary was hit by a car while riding his bike near his home..  He was airlifted to North Memorial hospital in the cities and is in the trauma icu. He has a fractured vertibrae and a fractured sacrum along with a lot of scrapes and bruising on his arms, back, shoulders, hips, and head. Today June 5th his stomach is not working so they have a tube through his nose to pump the acid out.  They are doing tests to figure out why his stomach is not working.  Last night he had a blood transfusion because he lost to much blood.  He is in a lot of pain. His room is 675 in tauma icu


Latest Journal Update


Hi this is Zach's mom. Zach got up and went pee on his own with my help 2 times already this morning! He has been given the ok to eat real food today! If he does well with the food he has eaten, it sounds like he will be able to come home today! GOD BLESS EVERYBODY FOR THE PRAYERS FOR ZACH! THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE AWSOME DOCTORS, NURSES, PARAMETICS THAT TOOK CARE OF OUR SON. THANK YOU FOR SAVING HIS LIFE!