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Zachary’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. It has been created to keep friends and family updated on Zachary's Journey....living with a Venous Malformation.

Zachary has a serious life-long congenital venous malformation of the left face that requires specialized attention and care. He has been undergoing treatments at Arkansas Children’s Hospital since December 2004. Our goal is bring awareness to his condition and share his unique and inspiring journey with the world.

Be sure to read the latest in the journal, view the photo gallery, and drop us a line in the guestbook.

Latest Journal Update


Hello to all of our CaringBridge friends and family!  Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! 

My mom, Karen, and I took Zachary back to Arkansas Children's Hospital last week.  He had an appointment with Dr. R at the Vascular Anomalies clinic on Monday, and an appointment with Dr. S (Craniofacial Orthodontist) on Wednesday. 

Dr. R was very thorough.  We discussed the outcomes of Zach's last surgeries, and what he felt the way ahead was.  Zachary believes it is time to try another laser surgery, so Dr. R scheduled him for a second interstitial laser, along with lasers to treat the surface of his face and inside his mouth.  While he was checking out Zachary's nose, he discovered the left side is completely blocked.  They believe that the weakening of the nerves in that area have caused his passage to cave in.  With that being said, he strongly suggested that he do surgery to correct it.  He also talked about going back in Zach's face to shave (contour) the bone that has overgrown under his deep scars.  The contouring would help to give Zach's face a more proportioned appearance.  While he would have Zach's face opened up, Dr. R would use the interstitial laser to zap as many parts of the malformation as possible, with little to no damage to his muscles/nerves.  Once completed with that, he would be able to cut out the deep brown scars, and give Zach a bit of a facelift.  The lift would remove all traces of the deep scars, and even better, help alleviate some of the pressure that the malformation puts on his jaw and facial structure. 

We all agreed that the laser surgeries and surgery on his deviated septum were a necessity, however, decided that it should be up to Zachary whether or not he did the other procedures.  After taking the weekend to think things through, he decided that he would get it all done at once.  They have scheduled all of the surgeries to take place on 7 Feb 2014. 


Dr. R also had a hearing test conducted because Zach has been complaining about hearing loss in his left ear.  The test determined he does have some hearing loss in his middle ear, but he assured us it was nothing to be concerned about.


We went back on the 27th to see Dr. S and pick up Zach's "snap-on" smile.  The snap-on smile was ordered to protect Zach's teeth from further damage from the malformation until he is old enough to have the surgeries required to fix his jaw.  We were excited to finally get them.  The bottom fit great, however, the top was not a perfect fit.  They decided to put some glue on his teeth to help the appliance stay in place...unfortunately, by the time we got back home, it was already falling out.  I contacted the hospital on Friday and this afternoon, but haven't heard anything back as of yet.  I am assuming we will more than likely have to have the top re-fit.  His smile looks great when it is in, and will hopefully give his teeth the protection they need from any further damage. 


I want to thank my mom for taking time off of work to accompany us to Little Rock:)  


I also want to thank all of our remarkable friends and family for continuing to be a part of Zach's journey.  We love you all!

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