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Zachary’s Story

On October 13th, 2011, Zachary got the definitive diagnosis that he has Burkitt's Lymphoma. 4 rounds of chemo were started, with the last round ending in January. Zach's cancer was recently declared in remission.

At first, it was diagnosed as a "stomach bug." Then, it was determined that there was a fecal impaction. You can read the history by going to the last page of the Journal and working your way forward from there.

On the 12th, we went to Children's Hospital in St. Paul because the situation just didn't feel right. Scans and tests later, an Oncologist was called. He wanted Zachary moved to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.

Zachary was admitted, hooked up to IVs, and an army of caregivers has been passing through the doors all night.

Head to the Journal to catch up.

Latest Journal Update

Two years, One Month and a Day

Zachary visited the clinic today for his regular visit with his Oncologist, Dr. Bostrom. Zach's on a 6-month routine checkup schedule, and he was due.

His iPad in tow, Zach went through the now-familiar routine of chest x-rays, a blood draw, and look-see by the doctor, the latter of which always seems to tickle a lot.

In a situation like this, boring news is good news. And his labs/exam/vitals were medically boring. He shows up as being a pretty darned normal kid! :)

Melinda wisely made arrangements with the social worker, Jodi, the ensure we had the opportunity (read: security clearance) to visit all the fine folks on the 7th floor. As you may remember, the 7th floor of Children's Hospital is the Hematology/Oncology floor, a place where we were all essentially living just two years ago.

While he didn't get to see everybody he hoped for, there were many familiar and excited faces. Every single person commented on the same three things: how tall he is, how cool his glasses are, and that he has HAIR!  Zach was pretty quiet and shy the entire time. I'm sure he was kind of overwhelmed.

It sure was nice to say hello to all those great people, and it's a pretty odd emotional feeling to be back in that place. I think it's important that there be kids like Zachary who can play the role of "Ambassador of 'It's Gonna Be Okay.'"