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Zachary’s Story

On October 13th, 2011, Zachary got the definitive diagnosis that he has Burkitt's Lymphoma. 4 rounds of chemo were started, with the last round ending in January. Zach's cancer was recently declared in remission.

At first, it was diagnosed as a "stomach bug." Then, it was determined that there was a fecal impaction. You can read the history by going to the last page of the Journal and working your way forward from there.

On the 12th, we went to Children's Hospital in St. Paul because the situation just didn't feel right. Scans and tests later, an Oncologist was called. He wanted Zachary moved to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.

Zachary was admitted, hooked up to IVs, and an army of caregivers has been passing through the doors all night.

Head to the Journal to catch up.

Latest Journal Update


1139 days elapsed since Zach's initial diagnosis. 

Today, Zachary went in for another routine check-up with the Oncology department; he's been doing these every six months. This time was abit different. After the usual examination, Dr Bostrom said “What’s it been, 3 years? How about you quit coming here for these scans and x-rays. You're doing great. I hereby declare you cured.”  He added a little wizard-like hand gesture, as if comically lifting a spell. Zach will come back to their wellness clinic annually, and the word "remission" has been moved aside.

So, that happened!  :)
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Phetsamone Ekholm
By Phetsamone Ekholm
That is awesome! Thank you for the update!
Tracy Ritter
That is such great news for Zach and your family!! Happy THANKSGIVING!
Blessing to you and your family!
Tracy Ritter
Marilynn Hrouda
By Dave and Marilynn Hrouda
How wonderful to hear this amazing news! We celebrate along with Zach, and we give unending thanks for the minds, the experience, the will and the dedication of his doctors.
Stephanie Vergin
By Stephanie Vergin
We are thrilled for you. Beyond thrilled. I am just imagining how you must have felt hearing that news from Dr Bostrom. Knowing that he wouldn't tell you that unless he was sure. The hope for a cure, what we all cling to on the day of is now your reality! Zach did it, you all did it. Time to celebrate and then get the best night of sleep you've had in 1139 days!
Laurie Berg
By Laurie (Alexander) Berg
Cured. What an amazing thing to be able to say. Such great news for all of you! Wishes for continued health all around!