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Zac and I arrived home Monday night around 9 PM.  We slept.  Zac said that it was the best sleep he could remember.  Tuesday was an amazing day with friends and family by our side the entire time.  We've shared lots of love, laughter, and memories with very special people.  The comments you all have shared in our guestbook are a beautiful blessing and we appreciate them so much.  Everyone has been so kind to bring everything from food to inspiration into our home. I am trying hard to take in every moment and affix every smile into my memory like a cattle brand so that I can recall them when I am having trouble finding my own.  

Zac seems to be managing his pain very well and finds strength in the people who surround him.  Today was a duplicate of yesterday, full of visits and prayers and well wishes. I feel so blessed to have this time with Zac.  I understand that something could happen to me at any time and I would actually see our Father again before Zac does.  I also know that the probabilities for that happening are not in my favor.  I think of how many mothers lose their children in car accidents or other tragedies and am just so thankful that I can set aside things that might otherwise make me take my time with him for granted. God has generously blessed me with the gift of time.  Even though I don't know if it is one second, hour, day or month, it is more than what some are given and I am truly grateful.