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Zac was released from the hospital on Thursday evening, May 21st and we returned to clinic on Sunday for three days.  We have been home with the exception of one day visit since last Wednesday and it has been good so far.  Zac feels good and seems to be getting stronger. The fungal infection had not come back in his lungs as we had feared and we thank God for that. Even now, however, Zac's body is not ready to completely accept his new stem cells and bone marrow so he is still struggling with some graft vs host issues. But in the last couple of days he has seemed to feel better than he has felt in many months and I am hopeful that the two battling factions will call a truce and decide to work together. I can't possibly express to you all how wonderful it is to know the person who gave Zac this opportunity to live. And I will never be able to express to him how much his gift has meant to us all.  Since he has children of his own, I hope that he can imagine but never personally know exactly what it means to me. God bless you.