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Yuriy’s Story

Cpl Yuriy Zmysly, US Marine Retired, suffered an anoxic brain injury after a "routine" appendectomy on his base in 2006. He served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2004 and 2005. Keep reading and keep praying..

After an appendix surgery on Jan. 9th 2006, at Cherry Point Naval Hospital, NC. Yuriy's breathing tube was pulled out too quickly by a nurse anesthetist in training which caused a laryngeal spasm in this throat, we now know it was negligence, due to the ferris doctrine the doctors, nurses or hospital hasn't gotten in trouble for any of this. They had to do a emergency trach and then he was put on a vent. He was transferred to ICU. Then he got pneumonia and then was taken off of the vent, had a peg tube(feeding tube) inserted into his stomach and a regular trach placed. While in ICU he suffered from SVT which means his heart went over 300, which is a stroke. He laid in a coma for 2 1/2 months. After doctors said he would not wake up, he did slowly. The first sign of him waking up was flinching when the lights turned on.

When he woke up, there was not a whole lot he could do, talk, walk, eat, drink, sit up it was hard. He went to Rehab Institute of Chicago where he received intense physical therapy, speech and occupational therapy. He made a ton of progress there. Then went to Hines VA where he received outpatient therapy with therapists that are very dedicated to him. After that he went to RIC day rehab and outpatient rehab in Willow Brook. He is also going to Next Steps of Chicago and is receiving intense physical therapy, which includes walking with assistance, going on the Lokomat and on the bike.

Please continue to pray for Yuriy's recovery and health.