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Benjamin & Xavier’s Story

Welcome to Xavier's website. He is now sharing it with his Little brother Benjamin. They both appreciate all your support and prayers. 

If you wish to contact us, here is our information. 
2749 IL Route 78, Thomson, IL 61285.
Phone 815-684-5548 

"Full Story" to read Xavier's journey so far.

Xavier was born Aug, 31, 2008. For the first four months of Xavier's life, he was very fussy and had to be held nearly constantly. He didn't sleep, had delayed motor skills, was losing weight, had eyes, arm and leg twitching and had bad reflux. On Dec, 31 2008 he aspirated and stopped breathing. He was airlifted to Rockford Memorial Hospital. He had aspiration pneumonia. Two days later he stopped breathing with aspiration pneumonia again. Lots of test were done to find out what is causing all of Xavier's problems. After 2 weeks in Pedicatic Intensive Care he was transfered to the Pediatic ward. The doctor could not figure out what the problem is. At first the Neurologist thought he had Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome (OMS). It is a very rare auto immune disease where antibodies attack the nerve system and after consulting with the Specialist for OMS, Xavier started treatment. However both Neurologists are not sure he has OMS. We decided Xavier needed to be transfered. After a lot of research we decided to transfer him to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee. The day of transfer he had a bad day, was straining to poop, had a temp and holding his breath. His tummy became very bloated. He was in extreme discomfort. He stopped breathing, they bagged him and rushed him back to Intensive Care. He stopped breathing a few more times. An ambulance team of Doctor, Nurse and Respiratory Therapist from Milwaukee Hospital drove down to Rockford to transport him to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. He was in Pediatric Intensive Care for 2 days then transfered into the Intermediate Care unit. We have had a team of Specialists look at Xavier; Neurologist, Pulmonologist, Gastreontologist, Genetist as well as therapists.
After 9 weeks in the hospital, Xavier passed away from believed Mitochronial Disorder.  His youngest brother Benjamin Xavier Gabbard has also being diagnosed with the same condition.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Latest Journal Update


Time has a funny way of moving you along in life, even when you do not want to. It is God's tool for not letting us sit still for too long.  Yesterday, was 1 year since Benjamin completed his journey here and went on to his ever lasting one in heaven. This year along with last year has brought change to our live we could have never saw coming. It has been a good change, It was for our betterment. As painful as it was, God has shown us what true inner peace looks and feels like. We look upon this as a Gift.

And speaking on great gifts, we thought we would share on this beautiful anniversary, the beautiful gift God gave us 7 months ago. Ignatius Benjamin Gabbard. He is growing and developing at a ferrous rate. He climbed out of his crib at 6 months, and is now walking around objects, and as of late he is letting go. He will soon be off and running. He is an absolute ball of laughs. He is our smiliest child to date. He is proving to us everyday he is an unique little boy. He is of great character.

The rest of the family is doing wonderful.  Our life feels settled for now. We have sent a new picture of Ignatius for all to see. Life is trully wonderful and blessed.

For all of those who wish to continue to stay in touch and follow our family, you may do so on facebook.  Just befriend my wife, Elizabeth Gabbard ( on facebook. 

May God bless you all

The Gabbard Family