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Wynn Kenyon had a heart attack on Wednesday evening around 9:00 p.m. while working out at Belhaven's gym.  He was found unconscious by a student.  CPR was begun immediately.  Paramedics were able to get a heart beat when they worked on him there.  His blood pressure was erratic, and doctors had to work again to stabilize him at the hospital.  When they were able to stabilize him, a heart cath was performed with the hopes of repairing the heart situation during this procedure.  Doctors were able to place a stent into the artery they believe caused this episode.

Over these next couple of days, the concern has been over his brain function.  No one knows exactly how long Wynn was without oxygen.  In order to let his body rest and heal, doctors put him into hypothermia for 24 hours.  As of 4:00 a.m. Friday morning, they began the process of warming his body up.  At this point, Wynn has not regained consciousness, but doctors are not concerned about that at this time.  He has passed through several critical stages of the process with his vital signs remaining strong.  Doctors now say due to some of the medications required to stabilize Wynn and get him through the dropping of his body temperature, they do not expect much response and consciousness until midday Saturday.


David Korsten signed Wynn's Guestbook.

To Wynn's family, We're from Pinelands Church in FL & are friends of Hank & Martha.  We know there's great pain but also much rejoicing now that he's with ... Read more

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Dear Ginny, Michael and family, Please accept my family's sincerest condolecens on the loss of Wynn. I thank my God I have had Wynn and you in my life. When Esther, my ... Read more

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Wynn has been a great encouragement to my family over the past years. He invested valuable time into mentoring people, of which Lavon was one of them. Wynn was very ... Read more

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Dear Ginny, Stephen, Michael and family, Ed and I are deeply saddened to hear the news about Wynn. Seeing you all when you come to Ligonier in December each year has ... Read more

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I would just like to support the family with many prayers and to say that I know he will be missed. When you meet such a unique individual like him, it is hard to not ... Read more

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Dear Ginny and Kenyon family, I was so very saddened to hear the news about Dr. K.  At the same time I was flooded with such warm memories of spending time with the ... Read more

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Dear dear Ginny, What incredibly difficult news I just received.  David McNair was kind enough to write me about your dear Wynn.  As you know, my only memories of him ... Read more

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Erv Martin and I ran into Wynn on campus about 3:30pm last Wednesday.Wynn asked Erv how old he was, and Erv said he was 65. Wynn asked Erv if he was planning to retire, ... Read more

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Dear Ginny, Amy, Stephen, Michael, and Kenyon Family, We are so sorry for the sudden loss of Wynn.  You have our deepest sympathy.  It is obvious that Wynn was a ... Read more

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Ginny and family, I would first like to extend my deepest sympathies and sorrow to you and your family with the untimely passing of Wynn.  I will always cherish the ... Read more

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