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Wyatt’s Story

Wyatt Kamp, born March 28th, 2008 was diagnosed shortly after his 4 month well-check with Stage IV N-MYC amplified Neuroblastoma.  He has endured chemotherapies, Bone Marrow Transplant, radiation, antibody therapies, surgeries, brain surgeries, vaccines, and more.  All hopefully Life Saving treatments with numerous side effects which he will deal with all his life.  But, he is here with us today with more spirit and love for life than you can imagine:)   Wyatt is our little warrior.  
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With Love and Gratitude,
The Kamps

Latest Journal Update

Best Picture Ever

Last year the Edina High School Boys Soccer team put on a “soccer camp” available to all kids who played either recreational or traveling soccer,we signed Eric and Wyatt up.  Part of the camp was getting an opportunity to shoot on the varsity goalie, amazingly everyone scored, and received an “iScored” t-shirt.  Wyatt had a blast, he was absolutely thrilledwith all of it, his personality and size made him a team favorite.     When we mentioned the opportunity to do it again, he began counting down the days and hours until the event.

Yesterday, as I was pulling Wyatt out of line early to bring him to another game, I was stopped by a total stranger, who inquired if I was Wyatt’s dad, I was proud to affirm that I was.  This has happened to me before, but it has always been someone who has a connection to Wyatt or the University of MN or has heard of him somehow and knows about his battle, but not this time, he knew nothing about me, Wyatt or neuroblastoma.

This amazing gentleman (part of what made him amazing was that I loved hearing everything he told me) happens to be the photographer for both the Edina Boys Soccer and Hockey teams. He had attended the camp last year and remembered Wyatt, but only his first name.  With that he thought he would be able to track me down, but was unable, he even considered posting the picture to the team website just asking if anyone know the family of this “Wyatt kid”. 

He said he had a photograph he wanted to share with me, literally his favorite picture of all he has taken. What parent wouldn’t want to hear that about their child?  He went on to describe this attached picture in detail; the day, the sun, the way Wyatt was leaning on the ball, his hat and many other details.  He really created it for me, and later last night, as promised, he sent this picture to me.

Maybe this isn’t the best picture ever, but receiving it with this story was heart warming and made my day, mostly because he didn’t even know how special our Wyatt really is. 

With Love and Gratitude,


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Krista Gresham
I have loved this picture since Howard captured it last year. I am the Edina Soccer Assn Program Manager and my son played on EHS Varsity the past few years. I coordinated the Jamboree last year (our first ever). I was trying to help Howard find you to give you this great photo but as he stated - we fell short of completing our task. I never knew Wyatt's story until now. What an amazing young boy with this EPIC survival story. If he would ever want to come to any EHS Boy's Varsity Games - we would love to put him on the field - as a Starting Lineup Ambassador, locker room "good luck" visit and sideline supporter. The schedule is at: Please email me at: or call/text at 612-812-7937 if there's a game in the future we can bring Wyatt into the game day activities.
Prayers and Hugs to you!
Krista Gresham
ESA Program Manager
Nigel Burrell
By Nigel Burrell
What a heartwarming story and photo :o) As ever, sending plenty of healing prayers and positive vibes Wyatt's way and thinking of you all from the U.K.

Nigel xxx
Donna Ludwinski
By Donna Ludwinski
PURE JOY!!!!!!! How I love this Tony -- pure JOY!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!
Sue Lea
By Sue from Shoreview
OH...what a great story!! I have to say, my favorite picture is the one with Wyatt and his Elmo packpack and he was gonig to meet Eric at the bus, I think was it..that picture to me is the cutest thing ever. I love following Wyatt's (and your family) story. I wish you all the best!
Mimi Entwistle
By Mimi Entwistle
I just LOVE the story and especially picture! He is precious. I am up in the Western UP of Michigan now. Daughter Anne & hubby bought a lodge, in Bessemer nearby and we've been coming up for 4 years. So I'm a Yooper now and lovin' it! Her lodge is on facebood .... Powder Hound are most welcome anytime.
Jackie Dutcher
By Jackie Dutcher
BEAUTIFUL picture :-)
Pat Walters
By Pat and Rich
We love the story and the photo! So glad you shared them. Blessings to all of your family.
Brenda Wilde
By Brenda Wilde
Some of our kids are so special people can just feel a difference when they are around them. I think that feeling is that God has laid His healing hands on them and holds them closer to him than most. It is a wonderful picture. Such a beautiful boy. We were all in MN at the same time several years ago.
Mary Samuels
By Mike & Mary Samuels
Nice photo and great that the photographer to share his favorite photo.
Wyatt has a special place in our neighborhood and our hearts