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Wyatt’s Story

Wyatt Kamp, born March 28th, 2008 was diagnosed shortly after his 4 month well-check with Stage IV N-MYC amplified Neuroblastoma.  He has endured chemotherapies, Bone Marrow Transplant, radiation, antibody therapies, surgeries, brain surgeries, vaccines, and more.  All hopefully Life Saving treatments with numerous side effects which he will deal with all his life.  But, he is here with us today with more spirit and love for life than you can imagine:)   Wyatt is our little warrior.  
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With Love and Gratitude,
The Kamps

Latest Journal Update

Happy 7th Birthday, Wyatt!!!

Tropical/ Hawaiian Shirt Day at school:)

Tropical/ Hawaiian Shirt Day at school:)

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Happy Birthday to the toughest little boy we know:)


It has been a while since we have written anything… that is only because things have been going well, and we are just busy:)


Today is Wyatt’s 7th birthday!  He is doing well, enjoying 1st grade and his friends, and trying to keep up with his brother and sister.


 On an important medical note… Wyatt started Growth Hormones a few weeks ago.  Through testing, his body showed that it is not producing enough Growth Hormones to help it grow and function the way it should be functioning. We will give Wyatt a Growth Hormone shot every day for likely many years to come, until his body shows it does not need it anymore.  Wyatt is not keen on having a shot every day…but he deals and knows the importance of it. “Toughest little boy we know!!!”


We have many visits lately with the Dentists, Dermatologists,Neurologists, Audiologists, Ophthalmologists, ENTs, Oncologists, etc. The side effects seem to be increasing as the years add… but, we could not ask for more to have him here with us celebrating his 7th Birthday and many, many more to come!


We Love You Wyatt and are so proud of where you have gotten and who you have become!


Love to all,

Eileen, Tony, Eric, Wyatt and Savannah Kamp  

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Dawn Luther
By Dawn Luther
Can't believe he is 7 already! I've been praying for him since he was tiny and feel like I know him. I think I'll be in MN this July visiting Susan and Dean Trongard and would love to meet you guys.
Kaye Omdahl
By Kaye Omdahl
You have truly been blessed with such a special boy as Wyatt!!!
Adrienne Hooker
By Adrienne and the rest of the Wan-ker clan
Happy belated Birthday, Warrior Wyatt! AND to the toughest parents around; love to all of you. This celebration wouldn't have happened without Eileen, Tony, Eric, Savannah, your family's amazing spirit, and support of so many healthcare workers. Go Kamp family! Hugs,
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Sue Lea
By Sue from Shoreview
Happy Birthday little man!! So happy to see what a big boy you're becoming - may this be only one of many to come!!
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Chad Haines
By The Haines Family
Happy Birthday Wyatt, you look great! :)
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Jill Grunewald
Happy Birthday Wyatt! We will always remember you and your family and the great time we had with you at Faiths Lodge.

Sending our love to all of you...the Grunewalds...Mike, Jill, Carter and Jack
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Grandma Kamp
By Grandma Kamp
Go Wyatt! You're an inspiration and a gentle soul. We love you very much. Have a blast at Salsa Sunday and I'm looking forward our special day on Thursday! Happy lucky 7th birthday🎉love,
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Jackie Dutcher
By Jackie Dutcher
Happy Birthday!!! We are so happy about all the good news :-) Side effects are par for the course - and praying that they will be minimal and manageable. So glad you have the "Childhood cancer" theme - why doesn't all the money go to the kids? I know all life is precious, but as an adult that has battled advanced cancer, I would rather the money go to the kids - solve that first! Love and prayers :-)
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Amy Reifsneider
By Amy Reifsneider
Wow! I can't believe how grown up he is! It almost seems like a lifetime ago that we would see you in New York. Beth is on growth hormone too - since September - it has been working - she has grown over an inch so far. I think and pray for Wyatt and your family often. Happy Birthday Wyatt!
Scott, Amy, Abby, Beth, Lilly, and Timmy Reifsneider
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Joanna Odom
By Joanna Odom
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