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Wyatt Kamp, born March 28th, 2008 was diagnosed shortly after his 4 month well-check with Stage IV N-MYC amplified Neuroblastoma.  He has endured chemotherapies, Bone Marrow Transplant, radiation, antibody therapies, surgeries, brain surgeries, vaccines, and more.  All hopefully Life Saving treatments with numerous side effects which he will deal with all his life.  But, he is here with us today with more spirit and love for life than you can imagine:)   Wyatt is our little warrior.  
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With Love and Gratitude,
The Kamps


Eileen Kamp posted a new journal entry, "First Day of School and more...".

Wyatt started First Grade today! (picture above) He was very excited! Kindergarten was a big deal, but First Grade he will be with older kids, have to move ... Read more

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I LOVE reading about my little Miracle Man Wyatt. So so happy to hear about your joyful, beautiful family. Love you guys so much and miss you all TERRIBLY.  Read more

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Eileen Kamp posted a new journal entry, "Event Tonight".

It has been just over six years since Eileen and I first learned the word neuroblastoma.  On Friday August 1, 2008 at Wyatt’s 4 month well check his doctor told us, ... Read more

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Chloe (and SPBC) signed Wyatt's Guestbook.

Wyatt & Family--Thank you so much for the card, drawing, and pictures of you and your family.  I enjoyed getting to know you and your family more through the pictures ... Read more

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It is so much fun to watch Wyatt and the boys play soccer. Especially with Wyatt in the middle of the action and scoring a goal! It is going to be a fun summer. Read more

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Eileen, Wyatt, & family!Wow---I just read through your are a true warrior at the age of 6!  And, your parents are amazing!  You have defied the ... Read more

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Belated Happy 6th Birthday, Wyatt.  Hope it was full of joy for you, little warrior. Read more

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Happy 6th Birthday, Wyatt!!!! Have a wonderful year being 6 :) With hugs, and HOPE, The Szoka family Read more

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