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Wyatt’s Story

Wyatt Kamp, born March 28th, 2008 was diagnosed shortly after his 4 month well-check with Stage IV N-MYC amplified Neuroblastoma.  He has endured chemotherapies, Bone Marrow Transplant, radiation, antibody therapies, surgeries, brain surgeries, vaccines, and more.  All hopefully Life Saving treatments with numerous side effects which he will deal with all his life.  But, he is here with us today with more spirit and love for life than you can imagine:)   Wyatt is our little warrior.  
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With Love and Gratitude,
The Kamps

Latest Journal Update


I meant to post this over a month ago... but it didn't happen.  I now post this knowing we couldn't be more Thankful for all of the wonderful people we have met and been around and the incredible opportunities that have been presented to us especially in the last 7 years of Wyatt's life.

The past 7 years have been an amazing roller coaster ride... Good and Bad.  We have met so many amazing people through it... Truly I don't know what our lives would be like now without everyone in it!

Because of the crazy adventure we were sent on with Wyatt, our family has also been blessed with some beautiful memories. Recently our lives have been touched with some of those incredible memories.

A couple of months ago, Tony posted a picture and a post about a photo we received from a special gentleman connected to the Edina Boys Soccer team.  Shortly after we got that photo, we got an email asking if we would like to be a part of one of the Edina Boys High School soccer games... with Wyatt as the "special guest"... we said sure!  On the 3rd of October (a few days after September as Childhood Cancer Awareness month)... We went to the boys soccer game.  We got there early and met Howard.  He let us in and surprised Wyatt with some incredibly special gifts, and then brought the kids onto the field where they met the players and got to kick the ball around!  At the beginning of the game, they introduced the players and then introduced Wyatt with a speech about his life... the entire crowd was silent.  We were all in tears.
Wyatt, Eric and Savannah then walked onto the field with one of the Captains, Ryan Moon and stood on the field during the National Anthem.  We were very proud of our kiddos:)  For the entire game, they got to sit on the benches with the players getting treats and anything they wanted... we were very spoiled:)  To top it off... Edina won 6-0:)  At the end, the three kids got to take a picture with the whole team, and were given treats by the amazing Super Fans to leave with.  Our kids were on a high!... especially Wyatt... He awoke the next morning saying "this was his best day!"

Now... Coming down from that incredible experience that week was hard... we told everyone about it:)

Then, on the next Thursday afternoon, I got a text from Tony asking if we would want to go on a helicopter ride?  Through Hopekids/ Love Your Melon/ and the Minnesota United, they wanted to give Wyatt and his family a fun filled weekend!  We were beyond excited and humbled by he amazing people out there!  (This had nothing to do with the weekend before!). Friday evening, Love Your Melon picked us up with a rep and player from the Minnesota United Soccer Team.  We rode to the Blaine air field and were met by an incredible group of people from both Love Your Melon and MN United.  Then we were all given the opportunity to fly around the city in a helicopter!  It was amazing!  Two rides, Eric and Wyatt went up in the first ride with Geison Moura, the MN United player... They had a blast singing "There are no Bananas in the Sky":)  Savannah and I went in the second ride, as Wyatt and Eric played soccer with Geison... So much fun!  We met amazing people, saw amazing sites, and had amazing memories... What could get better? 
Saturday, we headed to the Blaine Sports Center to tail gait with the Love Your Melon group before the MN United game. The kids played soccer, listened to music and ate hot dogs with friends!  About 45 minutes before the game, a MN United rep took our whole family on the field side lines to get ready... Wyatt was getting the opportunity to walk the game ball on to the field to hand over to the Referees. We cheered the players on the side lines and watched the organized chaos of before a game... Very exciting!  Wyatts name was announced, he brought the ball out, with lots of pictures being taken.  We then took to the seats.  Halftime, we again were escorted by Love Your Melon down to the field.  This time the kids were taken in a group, and the parents and the Love Your Melon group went out on the field for a "Parade of Champions"... Then, the kids got to go on the field and scrimmage against all of the Mascots!  On the big field in front of everyone!!!  They had a blast!  The MN United won the game 2-1.  The kids were able to talk to some of the players and see their "new friend" Geison on the field and on the side to give high fives and hugs:).  After the game... we all went back on the field with the Love Your Melon crew and took pictures.
Again our family was on a high!  Amazing pictures were being posted and Tweeted and the images and memories and friendships were ingrained forever.

There are so many amazing groups and people out there.  We couldn't travel this twisting road without you or them.  Thank you for following with our family and being there along the way.

On this time of Thanksgiving... Happy Thanksgiving to everyone... we are so very thankful to have you in our lives.

Lots of Love,
Eileen, Tony, Eric, Wyatt and Savannah

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Karen Murray
By Karen Murray
Such heart-warming outreach and love! We think about you often and are grateful you 5 have been blessed with such special moments as these. Fun to read and picture you all having an amazing experience. Hugs to you all from the Murays!!
1 person hearted this
Sue Lea
By Sue from Shoreview
Oh how wonderful!! This brought tears to my eyes - so happy you have much for which to be Thankful! May the rest of the holiday season be blessed for you all!
1 person hearted this
Christina Onusko
By Chris Onusko
Thank you for sharing these wonderful well deserved moments!! Happy Thanksgiving!!
1 person hearted this
Katie Canepa
By Katie Canepa, Ryan and Astrid Cameron
What a wonderful post! Happy thanksgiving!!!
1 person hearted this
Grandma Kamp
By Grandma Kamp
Happy Thanksgiving to my SWEET family. I love you.
1 person hearted this
Marge Reid
By Marge
Happy times are so very well deserved by all of you! Happy Thanksgiving from Ireland, may you continue to be as blessed as you feel today :)
1 person hearted this
Suzanne Laukka
By Donald and Su Laukka
Happy Thanksgiving. Haven't seen you in forever, but still think of you. Glad to hear such good news. Your old neighbors --
1 person hearted this
Deidre Kellogg Ketroser
By Deidre Kellogg Ketroser
T H A N K S G I V I N G ! ! !
Love to you all,
Deidre & David
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