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Will’s Story

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Hi, My name is Will Pogue and I was diagnosed May 20th, 2008 with Lymphoma. I am being treated by the wonderful doctors and nurses at Phoenix Children's Hospital. I have mommy and daddy and my big sister to help me get better too! Thank you for your prayers. I love you!

On May 21st, they located more bad cells in my bone marrow and changed my diagnosis to Leukemia and on May 23rd, they knew that I had a type of leukemia called ALL. They say this type is very treatable and has a high percentage remission rate. The chemo will make me tired and my tummy hurt, but it will help me get better in the end. Thank you again for your nice thoughts and prayers you have sent.

On June 26th we got the results from my bone marrow study that I have MRD. (minimal residual disease) This means I have an abnormal chromosome from my leukemia and I have to have a more intensive form of Chemo. Only about 10% of leukemia patients get MRD. My initial chemo treatment will last for 11-12 months and then 3 years of maintenance chemo after that. I got put into a high risk group of kids, but Dr. Dana believes that we have every reason to be hopeful for remission and we are going to have to fight alittle harder for it! I can do that!!! Luv to all of you who pray for me!

We moved back home to Minnesota on March 1st, 2009 to be closer to our family there.  We have loved the support that our small town community has brought to us and it feels good to be home.  I now see the doctors at the U of MN and we know we are in excellent hands!