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Big things happening this week for the kids.....SCHOOL IS OUT!!!  We now officially have a 1st and 5th grader on our hands.   They are very excited!  Will is playing baseball this summer (see picture) and Athena has started riding again after a very long hockey season.  (see pictures)  It has finally warmed up enough to enjoy being outdoors for all the activities.  We are planning a road trip to AZ over the 4th of July and we are hauling my horse down for some much needed adjustments to his behavior.....this should be fun with both kids and a horse....did I mention I have some serious issues with car sickness?!?!  FUN!!!
Will had his monthly chemo today and it included a spinal treatment....it went very well and we have now started our week of steroids.  Thankfully with the nice weather I can send him outside to play off those bad mood swings.  This treatment brings us one more closer to the finish line.  Will is scheduled to have his last treatment in October....we are all SO THRILLED!!!!  It has been a long hard road, but we made it and the other side looks so nice.  We are all changed in ways that can not be put into words by this experience and we have a whole new outlook and meaning to life.  It was tough on Will and us, but we believe it has made us a better family, better friends and better people because of it.