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Well, where to begin??? :)  Will some how picked up chicken pox along the way last week.  This led to what ended up being a relatively minor outbreak and he was on the fast track to recovery.  The weekend brought us Athena with a 102.8 fever, gross cough, 3 hour trip to urgent care, a quick pass out after giving blood and a stop at the pharmacy for antibiotics.  She was feeling better by Monday and went back to school.  Will's chicken pox looked great by Monday afternoon and he was all set to return to school! Tuesday morning we woke to a 103.5 temp from Will and another trip to clinic, some IV antibiotics and a pattern of tylenol's hoping his recovery will be as quick as Athena and Wednesday will be boring!  I have learned boring is a good thing around here!  
Happy Notes: Athena's hockey team remains undefeated this season, It is still snowing and Wes is working, Will still loves school & hockey and I returned to night school!  We are still having plenty of FUN!