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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  The kids had a wonderful time in AZ with grandma and grandpa and santa was VERY good to them this year!  Will is now well stocked with Star Wars and Nerf guns and Athena has put money in the bank for her new horse this spring as well as adding to her animal show case.  She got 2 desert tortoises as well.  They are small for now and stayed in sunny AZ.  They will eventually be about 80-100 lbs and I don't think they will like MN weather!  Will is doing very well.  His energy is back in FULL force and his counts are slowly recovering.  We all know how he likes to take his time to get it just right!  We will go back twice this month to clinic to make sure his progress is going as planned.  He is back at school and we pray the germs will be kept in another classroom from now on.  Now it's time to play catch up with him again.  Athena is still keeping us more than busy with her hockey schedule.  There team still remains undefeated and they are so much fun to watch.  She will take us out of town this weekend for another tournament.  The girls are excited!  I put a photo of her in here for you all to see her in action. She is down saving a goal!  She asked us to call her queen tender the other night...we laughed first and then told her not to get such a big head or she may loose.  Will loves hockey, but has missed so much with this last bug.  He enjoys going to Athena's games, but not to watch.  He brings his stick and runs around with the other little kids and a puck.  They are so darn cute!  We wish every so much love, happiness, joy & HEALTH in this New Year!
Love, The Pogue's