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Merry Christmas!  

I know everyone has been concerned about Will and we purposefully haven't written....1-we have been busy with him and 2-we didn't want to worry everyone for no reason. After I wrote last tuesday morning, Will woke tuesday night with a high fever.  We went for a visit to clinic and his counts had dropped severely.  They gave him a dose of IV antibiotics and sent us home, the next morning we went in again and his fever was still high and counts had dropped more.  This repeated for several days.  His ANC is still 0, however the fever has gone away.  They took some blood cultures last friday to make sure the leukemia hadn't returned (since there was no outward reason for the cold or flu)and we waited over the weekend, went in on Monday and they assured us nothing had shown up on there weekend scans.  It was a long stressful weekend for us, so I hope you all understand why we didn't want to worry anyone.  Will remains fever free, but we are waiting for his ANC to recover from whatever virus he caught.  We thought about not getting on a plane, but we are armed with masks and an appointment at clinic in AZ, so we are heading south and hoping the warmer weather will cure what ever is going on with Will.  We wish everyone a healthy happy Christmas!

Love~ Wes, Jamie, Athena & Willie