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  • The Final Procedure!

    Written Oct 29, 2011 3:27pm

    Yesterday Will got his port out and they let him keep it...we put it in his memory box for a keepsake.  He thought it was cool!  It was out patient and only took about 20 minutes for the surgery.  The pre-op and post-op took longer than anything.  He is pretty sore.  Advil wasn't doing much for him, so I went to go fill his prescription for Tylenol 3. Now he is resting up.  They put all the stitches on the inside and some adhesive strips that fall off in 5-7 days on the outside, but because of where it is, it moves and rubs a lot, so it's really tender for him.  I think given a couple of days, he should feel better.  We are so grateful to have it all behind us now!  Everyone keeps asking what next...he will have monthly count checks (blood draws) for the first year, every 2 months the second year, every 3 months the 3rd year, every 6 months the 4th year and then once yearly from year 5 on.  (I think I got all the numbers correct ;) !)  

    The kids are excited for Halloween.  Will has been asking every day..."how many more days"  I think we are going to take them to a trick or treat night at our outdoor mall tonight.  We thought it might be fun for them.  They are supposed to have music, games & each store hands out candy to the kids.  Kind of a good idea since Halloween is on a Monday night this year.  Athena is going to be the corpse bride from the Tim Burton movie and Will is a sith (sp?) from Star Wars.  I will post a picture of them later on.

    **Happy Halloween!...Be Safe!....Be Spooky!...Be Happy!**
  • DONE!

    Written Oct 5, 2011 11:38am

    Will did it!  He made it to the end of his treatment!  Yesterday was his very last IV chemo treatment.  Three and a half years ago this date seemed like something we couldn't even dream of and now with hard work, determination and hope....we made it.  Will fought hard and remained brave during this very long process and because he is who he is, he made it to the other side.  We are SO PROUD of him!  He will get his port out sometime in the next couple of weeks and he will finish his very last dose of oral meds on Thursday OCtober 13th.  We have many reasons to celebrate this fall...but none are as important as this reason!  WAY TO GO WILL!!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!
  • Written Aug 17, 2011 4:31pm

    We are now done with another month of treatment and only 2 more to go....EXCITED!!!  Will is already talking about everything he will be able to do when he gets his port removed.  He is looking forward to that the most.  We are also 2 weeks from our move date. The house gets a little bit barer everyday and the kids are getting border too! Everything is slowly getting packed up and that means less for them to play with.  Athena has found comfort in hanging at the barn and I know she is really going to miss Len and Jackie and their horses.  Will keeps guard over his Star Wars men and wont let me near them for fear they will get boxed up.  He is funny about checking to see that they are all there each morning.  I am still busy taking pictures and trying to get work done around all the packing. Multi tasking has a whole new meaning here.  The kids got all there school supplies, some new clothes and they are really looking forward to there new teachers, new friends and all the old ones too.  My dad, Wes's dad and our cousin Matt are all helping with the big move.  We are SO thankful for their help...we couldn't do this with out them.  My dad is going to spend two weeks with us in AZ helping to get us settled and we are going to help him find a new house too!  It's coming quickly and good-byes are hard, but we are ready to get settled down in AZ.  Remember visitors are welcome and wanted!

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