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Wes’s Story

Welcome family & friends! We created this site to keep you up-to-date on the latest improvements in Wes' recovery. Thank you for all of your prayers, good vibes, and well wishes. We appreciate them all.  Wes and Amy are back home in Vegas, here's their address if you'd like to send a note or two!

Wes and Amy Glisson
3033 Red Imp Ave
North Las Vegas, NV 89081

Latest Journal Update


Happy Football Saturday!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the kickoff of Football Season as I know it’s the center of attention at our house starting Thursday evening through MNF! And Wes has perfected this year’s Chili recipe and made a couple batches already. I know Chili and 100+ degree temps in Las Vegas don’t add up, but when you crank down the AC, you’d never know it was so hot outside!

Okay, so since MAY… I know it’s been a while since I posted anything…but life is keeping both Wes and I busy.  Wes and I had a GREAT time down in Texas for Wes’ brother’s wedding – which was such a special time for the whole family…Congratulations to Dustin and Tiffany!!

Wes did travel out to CNS in Bakersfield late Jun – mid Jul with the help of my mom, Joan and brother, Ryan.  Each spending 2 weeks with Wes, attending his therapy sessions and helping with the 5+ hr drive to/from Las Vegas.  I was able to visit during the 4th of July holiday weekend, in which we did a mini-tour of Central California. Stating off in Paso Robles (yep, we like wine :) and then headed over to the coast and Moro Bay. Spent a leisurely day driving south towards Santa Barbara and then enjoyed the sights/sounds of the Boardwalk and nightlife in SB. There was a 30 min firework show at the beach which we all enjoyed on the 4th. 

Therapy went just as well as before for Wes, progressing quite a bit with this photography skills and Cognition Module. This month’s goal followed the same pattern as before, but this time asked Wes to find opposites.  For example, the object we’ve been working with is a banana… so a banana is yellow, but an apple is NOT; a banana is a cylinder, but a table is NOT. And again Wes worked from actual objects, to color photos, black and white photos, line drawings, and then just the word.  I am very impressed by Wes’ ability to think abstractly (usually one of the hardest areas to come back after a brain injury). Lots of continual work on phonics, reading skills, direction following, and of course Wes’ favorite… math! Wes and Ryan made the final trek home from Bakersfield mid-July and I was a happy camper to have my hubby home again! Wes and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary upon his return with a trip to our favorite restaurant, Del Friscos Steak House :) Yum Yum!!

Upon returning home, Wes and I settled into our home therapy program where I would layout homework/worksheets before I left for work, and then we would review his work in the evenings. Lots of good math and phonics progress through Jul-Aug. And Wes has picked up the pace on his fitness regime, and is up to running 5 miles 3x a week!  He has an amazing dedication to his therapy and continued progress, and just keeps going in every aspect of life…it’s beautiful to watch!  After working with the Nellis medical community in August, they have found a Home Based Therapy program for Wes here in Las Vegas. Starting at the beginning of September, Wes has a therapist who comes to the house 3 times a week, for about 2 hrs a session, and works with him in all areas of reading, writing, math, etc. So far we’ve been happy with the therapy and it’s great to have both worlds (home/life and therapy) accessible at the same time.

Wes and I are taking a BIG trip to Ireland next week and will be gone the last 2 weeks in Sept!! It’s just us and just vacation -- We’re very excited to see the beautiful countryside, tip back a few pints and take some great pictures. We’ve actually rented a super telephoto lens for the trip and hope for some great shots! We’ll be driving around the country and have reservations in 3 different Castle Hotels across the country.  I’ll be sure to post our pictures on Facebook after our return.  And then we’re headed to Texas over Columbus Day weekend for another wedding – it’s great to have so much family to share life’s blessings with! So as I said in the beginning, life is definitely busy for us, but we are enjoying every minute of it!

It has been a difficult but amazing journey over the past 1.5 years. And I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your support, thoughts, prayers, posts and love! Wes and I could not have made it this far without you! I will probably post one final Caring Bridge entry in Feb 2011, but am hoping to rely mostly on email, Facebook and old school phone conversations to keep in touch. Again my personal email is and Wes has started back with email at  Although he’s not up to full speed on reading, if you send him a short note, it will give us something to work through!

Thanks Again and God Bless you and yours!

Amy and Wes