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Thank you everyone for praying.  We will be updating this site anytime there is new information.

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jason pomajevich signed Wendee's Guestbook.

Cliff and Family I was at the service today for Wendee and it brought back memories for me of the one I just went through for my dearest wife Melissa because she left me ... Read more

christina oku signed Wendee's Guestbook.

to cliff and family  as Iwalked in to the church today and looked around at all of the people that were there to help celbrate Wendee life and I then relized that all the ... Read more

Rosemary Galanter signed Wendee's Guestbook.

Cliff and family, I loved the service today and I think Wendee would have loved it too.  I think she would have been amazed at the outpouring of love towards her and her ... Read more

Molly Kent signed Wendee's Guestbook.

Dear Weygandt and Thompson families- Jerry and I just came back from Wendee's celebration service and wanted to let you know what an impactful service it was. Wendee was ... Read more

Jen Parker signed Wendee's Guestbook.

Cliff & Family, My thoughts and prayers are with you today as you celebrate Wendee's life and many blessings.  May you find peace and comfort in your memories as you ... Read more

Sue Miller signed Wendee's Guestbook.

Gene and Lana, my friends, I just heard about Wendee and I wanted to let you know how sorry I am for your loss.  This is not an easy time but you can rest in knowing she ... Read more

Roberta Doyle signed Wendee's Guestbook.

Dear Weygandt & Thompson Family, My heart goes out to you all. Wendee was an angel here on earth and it won't be the same without her but for whatever reason God has ... Read more

Steve Humbard signed Wendee's Guestbook.

Cliff and family (Weygandts and Thompsons) and all my friends who are grieving the loss of Wendee - Know that I will be praying for you on this day as you celebrate the ... Read more

diana kainu signed Wendee's Guestbook.

My heart is filled with such joy and sadness as i think back on my 30 years of friendship with Wendee. Then comes the hope, when i think about the fact that thirty years ... Read more

cheryl shanks signed Wendee's Guestbook.

Cliff, family and of course Lana-   Though I have been away many years , my Hilton family stays with me in my heart.  During the 13 years that I shared with such a ... Read more

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