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Wayne’s Story

Welcome to Wayne's CaringBridge website. I've created it to keep friends and family updated about his journey. Get started by reading the introduction to his website, My Story.

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Wayne started having stomach pain a few months ago… and was less than eager to visit a doctor. He finally did,.. with a little encouragement from his wife, ( more like bodily harm if he refused) and the testing began. He was first given an upper GI to check for ulcers. They did not find any. Then the doctor wanted to check the Gall Bladder with an ultrasound.  It showed, what they called, an abnormality on the Pancreas. The doctor then ordered a high contrast CT Scan, because he said although they found gall stones,… they were not concerned with those at the moment. The CT scan revealed a golf ball size tumor on the Pancreas, and two quarter size tumors on the Liver. He informed us that he was 99% sure that it was cancer, but wanted to do a biopsy to be 100% sure and to determine the type of cancer it is so the Oncologist will know what kind of treatments to recommend. The biopsy was done on Friday morning. (9.25.09) We recieved the results today. (9.28.09) It is cancer. An agressive type of Adenocarcenome.... stage 4, with lymph node involvment.
All the information I’ve been given or researched indicates that this is a fatal diagnosis. Pancreatic cancer is ugly,… very ugly! The medical community sees it as a death sentence…. And usually a very quick one. It does not look good.  HOWEVER,… it didn’t look good when Daniel was thrown into the Lion’s Den,… or when Esther was told about the planed destruction of her people,… or when the three Hebrew boys were told they would be thrown into the fiery furnace, or when Paul was given the sentence  of time spent in a Roman prison…… BUT Daniel survived the Lion’s Den,… Esther saved her people,… the Hebrew boys emerged without even the smell of smoke,.. and Paul was released from prison numerous times and gave us some of the most powerful writings contained in the Bible! There is hope! Our God is an awesome God! AND a miracle that seems so monumental to our human ways of thinking is only as difficult as Him willing it to be! I KNOW he hears our prayers! I also know that sometimes he does not answer our prayers in the ways that we might like,… but He is always answers! He will never leave us, and He is all-knowing! He can see our tomorrows. Tomorrow to God is just as clear as our yesterdays are to us! He sees time,… backward and forward! He will sustain us!!!
Wayne and I have embarked on a new lifestyle,…. In addition to our faith in Christ we will now be adding to our daily routine a diet of mostly raw vegetables and fruits. We have it on good authority from friends and family and tons of research that this kind of diet works to reduce and even destroy cancer cells. It’s referred to as the Alkaline Diet.  We intend to do everything within our power to fight this difficult diagnosis!!! FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS,… and now… DIET! We feel we need them all!
Thank you all so much for the outpouring of love and support you have already shown us!!! It truly means so very much! Keep us in your prayers,… add us to your prayers lists,…. Request prayer for us at your place of worship!!! AND when God does His miracle…. You can brag on Him,.. saying you had a part in it!!!

Latest Journal Update

Wayne's 5 Year Celebration: What a night to remember!!!!

Wayne celebrated 5 years on October 4, 2014 with friends and family!!! We estimate 125 people in attendance. I could give you my perspective of how the evening went, but instead I'm going to use the words of Wayne's dear cousin, Theresa Monroe Pope, as she wrote an update about the evening on facebook. I could not have put it any better!!!! Thank you Theresa!  

What a fantastic time we experienced Saturday night at my cousin, Wayne Merritt and Lisa Marie Egbert- Merritt'.s home celebrating both of them being cancer free! Lisa had breast cancer and had just finished her chemo treatments when the doctor told them that Wayne had inoperable Pancreatic and Liver involvement cancer. He told them to go home and get things in order. Wayne might live six weeks. Instead, they continued doing everything they could do physically. Of course,they were totally relying on God's word and believing Him to heal. Wayne went to the doctor a few weeks ago for his 5 YEAR checkup and he is still 100 per cent cancer free. Lisa did an expansive research and there is no statistic to compare his survival. There is less than one per cent survival if the cancer is operable. His, of course, was not! I am sure Wayne may wonder "Why me; while others are not healed?" But he is also enjoying his extended life and is continuing to praise "The Giver of Life" for these added years to live for HIM. He is looking forward to many more celebrations!

We enjoyed a fabulous meal of roasted pig, chicken and all the "fixings." We also enjoyed a hay ride over their beautiful property and then a time of worship and testimony with the talented Morrison Sisters and Lisa and the praise team from their church. After a beautiful testimony from Rachel (their daughter in law's) point of view, Lisa ended the time of testimonies, worship and praise with her thrilling account of all they went through and the ultimate healings. She said she could not help but sing through it all. She ended with the victorious testimony they share.

At the end, we were each given flares (sky lanterns) to send up high above the gorgeous lake in their front yard in praise to Jesus! It is impossible to accurately describe this evening! What a blessing! I am so thankful to be a part of a family with such a rich spiritual heritage and I praise God again for Lisa and Wayne's healing! God definitely IS so Good!!!