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Tell them you love them

We all think we have tomorrow. No, we expect there is to be tomorrow. I'm telling you there is nothing farther from the truth. After Will got sick told him I loved him so many times. That is where I failed. I have never been a person who tells people I love them, and I didn't.
There is a lady whom I respect greatly. Her name is Miss Rose. I respect her for her kindness, generosity, and her ability to care. She wants nothing in return.
She told me one day to take the time to tell everyone you love that you love them At least once a day. Her husband walked out of the house one day and died of a heart attack. The last words she said to him was "I Love You".
I look back over the years and realize how many times I should of said I love you and didn't. What a pity. I can't change the past but I can act on the present.
Don't wait to tell someone you love them. You could miss your chance.