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I came out of the cave today

More than three years ago I came to realize Will might not be here as long as I would like. I spent every moment with him I could. I would like to believe
he came to know me better than anyone.
Will was far wiser than his years. He spent the last year of life preparing me for what was to come.
I told him when he was gone I was going to crawl into a cave and not come out until I felt I could. He said crawl in and come out when I was ready.
I woke up this morning and went outside the cave. Wow what a wonderful feeling.
Will told me he wanted his life to have purpose. He said if I could do something to help myself feel better then do it. He hoped something good would come from his illness.
It was as if on December 24the Will just stopped existing.  I decided to come out today to keep his spirit alive.
I remember walking up to MD Anderson feeling Walk To Inspire was not supposed to end, that it still had purpose. I hope to use Walk to Inspire to keep his spirit with us.
In the beginning I followed every journal that people had written of their experience. I found many of the stories just ended one day. It didn't take long figured out what that  meant.
Cancer is like meteorite crashing into the ocean. Those closest to thee epicenter suffer the most destruction but the ripples are far reaching.
I hope what I write helps other through their trials.