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Today is three months since Will passed. I keep looking for signs that he is ok. Spring was his favorite time of year. He would run endlessly. I don't remember a spring with as many flowers in bloom. I may be reaching but it makes me feel better thinking someone is speaking to me.
I have registerd to run the Chicago marathon in October. In one of the last great conversations we had I told him I would like to run Nnew York for him. He told me that race would kill me. I said how about Boston and he replied even worse. He seemed to think I could survive Chicago. So we agreed it would be Chicago.
I am running the Cresent City Clasic this weekend as part of my training. That was always one of his favorite races. ,he knew not to tell me I couldn't do something. I have to run New York and Boston Will just to show you I can.
The end was terrible. I still can't get it out of my mind. How long does it take. Running helps me feel better. Gives me time without people.
Will if that is you speaking to me through nature keep talking. I will go out and listen.

Love Dad