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My Story

I would like to introduce myself and ask for help in search of a potential cure.  My name is Viet Lam and I am 37 years old.  I am grateful for the many wonderful opportunities that were given to me.  I was born and lived in Vietnam for eleven years before my two siblings and I defected on a small boat.  After refugee camps, we settled in the United States of America.  Through the generosity and the kindness of many people, I graduated from college and went on to obtain a medical degree.

Practicing internal medicine in California allowed me to serve a diverse community.  Yet, I did not truly grasp what my patients and their families go through until May 2007 when unexpectedly, I was diagnosed with an advanced aggressive Large B-cell Lymphoma.  How could it be possible when I led such an active life?  I did not have significant symptoms, except intense itching.  After going through the usual emotional stages, I was determined to overcome this obstacle.  With the help of a great medical team and loved ones, I successfully went through eight cycles of R-CHOP chemotherapy.  Equipped with a new life perspective, I lived each day to its fullest.  In 2009, a wave of suspicion and fear crashed over me when the same intense itching and new profound fatigue hit me.  It was confirmed that I had widespread recurrence.  My determination and optimism did not reward me with a remission after an additional three cycles of R-ICE chemotherapy.    I do not have a matched donor in my family, like 70% of patients needing a marrow transplant.  Therefore, my only chance for a potential cure is an unrelated donor match.

My Chinese Vietnamese ethnicity provides me not only a unique life perspective, but it also makes it much more difficult to find a match. This is why I am asking you, particularly those from a Non-Caucasian background to consider being a potential donor. There is a tremendous and urgent need for thousands of people who continually hope for a miracle.  I am encouraged and hopeful that we can expand our national registry and particularly those of under represented backgrounds.  Through your awareness and support, I believe that we can both close the registry gap and provide a second chance at life for those thousands of patients.  I thank you for learning more about the National Marrow Donor Program and for the gift of life.

An online drive has been set up for those who could not attend local drives.  For further information, please visit



Best regards,

Viet Lam


Linh Lam posted a new journal entry.

Hi Everyone,It has brought to our attention of the identity theft concern, so we will not post any more message about Viet after this update.Too much has happened since ... Read more

yessenia dibble signed Viet's Guestbook.

hi Linh, Paul and I would like to know how Viet is doing. Please let us know about her. we checked her facebook profile but we do not see recent entries or replys from ... Read more

Yang Keys signed Viet's Guestbook.

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Art Clark signed Viet's Guestbook.

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Quynh-Dao Do signed Viet's Guestbook.

Hi Viet, I just happened to find this web page and interested into getting to know you as well as your progress. I had a family member with similar illness and very ... Read more

Charlene Frischer signed Viet's Guestbook.

Viet I am thinking of you and hoe you are recovering  enough by now to be able to go outside and see the beauty around you amd within you Fondly yours Charlene  Read more

Charlene Frischer signed Viet's Guestbook.

Viet - just to let you know that I am thinking of you, and hoping and praying for a speedy reocvery for you.  Looking forward to seeing your beautiful smile one of these ... Read more

anh Nguyen signed Viet's Guestbook.

Hi Viet :  I am glad to hear that you got out of the hospital , in any case a little GVHD is good sign.  Stay strong, you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love ... Read more

Loretta Wihlborg signed Viet's Guestbook.

Hi Linh, Thank you for the e-mail... Please give a hug to Viet and  hope you received the cards.. :):)  Take good care of you and thank you for taking good care of ... Read more

Linh Lam posted a new journal entry.

Hi Everyone,It has brought to our attention of the identity theft concern, so we will not post any more message about Viet after this update.Too much has happened since ... Read more

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