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Welcome to the Victoria Middleton Thumbs Up Recovery Site on CaringBridge.  We have created this site to keep you updated on her progress.  Your prayer support and virtual hugs are so important to her healing. 
There is now a Victoria Middleton Thumbs Up Recovery Fund available please contact Lynn at 404-966-1026 for more info.
Blessings to all.

Many of you are visiting this site today because you already know Victoria Middleton.  But for those who have just recently been introduced to Victoria, here is her background info so you will understand why we are posting to this website.
Victoria is a 20 year old Junior at the University of South Carolina. She is an equestrian champion on the Hunter Jumper team for the Gamecocks coming in 2nd in the Flat event at the NCAA Championships in Texas this past June. Victoria loves horses, always has. Victoria and her mother have enjoyed horses together since moving to Marietta GA when Victoria was 7.  She has a passion for riding horses and competition.  She has been showing horses since middle school age and doing it like a champion.  

If you asked Victoria to choose between family and horses you would get a little hesitation. It could be a toss up. We can't be mad at her.  She knows her family loves her for pursuing her passion and we know she will be with us when she can. If she is happy we are happy. Believe me, we get the attention we need when we need it. WE find total delight in the fact that Victoria knows her passion and gives it everything she's got.  We admire and love her for her accomplishments, her gentle tenacity, her wonderful spirit, her sense of humor and even her unique ways of understanding a joke. 

You have other ways you know Victoria please share them with us.

Yesterday morning (July 24, 2009) Victoria was bathing a horse in preparation for a horse show in Bennington VT. The horse became scared and broke fencing where it was tied causing the rail to hit Victoria in the face and knocking her to the ground. She hit her head on the cement surface.  

After evaluating her in the hospital in VT she was life flighted to Albany Medical Center for the critical care she needs.  She remains there in the critical care unit with facial injuries and a brain injury.

It is our hope you will communicate to Victoria how much you are praying for her and how much you love her in the guest book on this site.  We will update her progress as often as we can. 

As many of you have requested, we have opened a fund for medical expenses not covered by insurance.  We have opened the Victoria Middleton Thumbs Up Recovery Fund.  If you have an interest in contributing to the fund please contact Lynn Wigington - lswsod@bellsouth.netor 404-966-1026 for more information.  Bank regulations prohibit promoting the bank name on the internet.



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