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Vania'’s Story

HI, My name is Vania' but everyone calls me Nia'. I was a happy normal teen, hanging with friends, playing outdoors,going to school, doing normal kid stuff. One day I told my mom "My knee hurts". She thought I just hurt myself playing but the pain got worse. I ended up in the ER, and a tumor was found in my lower thigh bone. I had to take all kinds of tests. My doctor did a biopsy to see if it was cancer. And I was diagnosed 5/20/11 osteosarcoma that is a bone cancer. I was very mad and sad. It sucks not being able to do all of the things that I used to do. I started my chemo and will have surgery in August and then more chemo to kill the rest of the bad cells.

My journey was a long one. I had to first do 40 weeks of chemo before my surgery. It made hair fall out soon as I started. My dad was more nervous than me when he had to cut it off. I was glad because I'm not that into hair anyway. So as I got close to the end of my chemo my tumor didn't shrink it got bigger. So my surgery came and a week later my mom found out the tumor grew and only 40% of it was dead the other 60% was still living. So I had to another 40 weeks of chemo after surgery. My margins in my top of my thigh and my lower leg was clear of any cancer cells! So I  had all types of scans done to see if I there was cancer cells anywhere else. And there wasn't any. I stopped going to New Orleans and started my chemo in Lafayette. My mom and dad were glad because it was far and they had to spend a lot of gas money too. I like Dr. Morad and Ms. Robyn they are my Dr. and nurse at Kids Speciality. I love Ms. Janie she is extra fun. She always makes sure I have fun or fun stuff to do when I am in the hospital. I like Ms. Donna too at Miles Perret. I got to ride in the Christmas parade and get stuff for Christmas from there too. Ms. Donna also took to a hockey game  we had sooooo much fun! I will be extra happy when all of this is over and I don't have to do anymore chemo ever and I hope it stays that way. I only have 4 weeks left now. Super Happy !!!! I love all of my family who was there for me when I needed it. I am glad everybody wrote me and keep writing me and calling.

From Alva:

Vania' has been on the most trying journey ever in her young life and our family. I am ever grateful to you all who wrote to her or called her. We have received the most out pouring from people that we didn't even know cared. Even though this has been all an utterly bad year for us, God still has blessed us. I love you all and thank you for loving my child!

Latest Journal Update


Monday is Vania''s heavenversary!
This is a emotional but celebration! She is with God & telling the angels all of her stories. Plus making new stories! Although she may not be here in the physical we still will honor the love we feel for here in the spritual. Mt Charleston is where we will be!
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Julie Conde
I miss that sweet girl and think of her often. I keep her picture on my desk at work. She was a character and I'm sure that she is entertaining her classmates in Heaven!!!! Love to you all, Julie Conde