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Quick update. They replaced the line yesterday now he has a collapsed lung! So we didn't get to go home yesterday. On top of that they neglected to review his allergies and used CHG on his skin to clean him with and now he has broken out! Way to go docs! Anyway...Praying this 24 hour stay that has lasted 6 days so far ends soon and we can go home happy and all better. Praying they don't have to put in a chest tube. They are doing x-rays 3-4 times a day. Love to all
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Alethea Johnekins
By Alethea Johnekins
Oh, I'm so sorry, Dora. I hope Aidyn recovers quickly. I'm praying that they don't need to put in a chest tube.
Lisa Ryan
By L Ryan
sending prayers for "release"! i would use the expression "from the sublime to the ridiculous..." but i cannot *quite* locate the "sublime" part... hang in there, aidyn (and mom!).
Jennifer Nunley
By Jennifer N
Oh my! I'm so sad to hear that. Praying for you, Aidyn!
Lynn Duncan
By Lynn Duncan
So frustrating.. Praying third is resolved soon.
Shannon Conney
By Shannon Conney
I'm so sorry you are dealing with such incompetence. Praying Aiydan heals from these errors that should never have been and praying for no chest tube and you two may head home quickly
Lynn Banks
Oh my Dora, I am so sorry. I PRAY that the lung will "re-inflate" and that Aidyn is given the best care possible. Praying for you both...and his specialists! ... and that you can go home as soon as is possible!
Tatum Robertson
By Tatum Robertson