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Well, 3 more hours and we find out if the line is working.  The waiting is awful.  I am so tired and ready to sleep in my bed.  I know that I usually don't get more than 2-4 hours of sleep but guess what?  Nine times out of 10 they are uninterrupted sleep.  Last night I was looking forward to some sleep and waited until all his stuff was done and 30 minutes past just to make sure that I could sleep.  Well, the first nurse was on for 2 hours because they pulled her to the floor then another nurse had to come in and see all his stuff because she was just filling in until the other nurse came in, then about 1 we got the 3rd and final nurse that had to come in and look at everything.  I am so sleepy today.  Anyway, I guess it could be worse right?  Aidyn is doing good but is in a hurry to leave this time as much as I am.  This was supposed to be a 24 hour stay and we are on day 4.  They actually asked if I would prefer to leave tomorrow?  Ahhhhh,  NO!  I think the last 6 years and all the changes since March, we have both had enough of hospitals.  They have been really nice here but I really miss my nurses at Scottish Rite though.  The surgeons here are not as open as the ones at Scottish Rite and I really don't like how residents do everything.  I request no residents and they just keep coming.  Anyway, looking at the bigger picture, they are great with Aidyn and at least he is feeling better.  They did tell me a little about the MRI today but not enough to know what's going on.  Just that the infection is still there.  So, I guess we wait to find out whats going on till the 15th.  That will give them time to contact the Doctor in Texas about the situation to see what will be next or continue like we've been doing.  I will update our status around 4 to let you know if the line is fixed.  I hope it is I've already packed up.

Dora and Aidyn

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Lynn Banks
...the main thing is that are great with Aidyn... Waiting has got to be the hardest, esp. when you've had zero sleep. Praying you can go home today!
Shirley Patterson
By Aunt Shirley
Congrats on the new grandbaby...know you're proud. Hope the infection is gone in Aidyn's line and yall get to go back home...hospitals are not fun. Keeping yall in my thoughts and prayers. Love you all.