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Aidyn’s Story

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    Aidyn is a bright 14 month old little boy full of life.  Last week, we were told the worst news of our life.  This little boy, who was almost running can't walk, go to the bathroom or sit for now.  We were told that there is a 2 1/2 or 3" mass around his tailbone that is pushing on nerves in his spine causing all of his symptoms and in his stomach.   Thank God we were transfered to the Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta for diaganosis and treatment, they have been wonderful.  He had a biopsy of the tumor and bone marrow biopsy today (May 18,2009).  He is resting well.  Aidyn has kept his laughter during this difficult time and is being very brave.  We are keeping the faith that God is watching over him and will bring him through.  Please keep him in your prayers for God is the ultimate healer.
     We decided to update our story to give you a clear picture of our Angel, our family and to update his story for the past two years.
     Our story actually started in February of 2008 when we met Aidyn at 3 days old.  After seeing his beautiful blue eyes looking at us, we decided to adopt him.  We took him home with us at 6 days old and the adoption was final in August of 09.  Our family was finally complete, two girls and two boys.  
      As stated above, May of 09, changed our lives forever.  Since that day, our family has been going through lots of changes.  Our girls graduated from High School, I have missed many birthdays and special school functions,we decided to put our oldest son back in school.  And, as of January of 2010, we closed the restaurant that my mom and I had together because I have had to be in Atlanta for almost 2 years.  Our girls had to go to college and they were doing the best they could with my parents to keep the restaurant going but we decided it wasn't fair for them to put their schooling on hold.  This was a hard decision to make because I really felt that the restaurant was God given but understand that when one door closes another opens.  I have learned from Aidyn so much.  He shows us everyday hope, faith, courage and what being alive really means.  He never lets anything get him down.  Instead of people bringing him strength, our little guy brings strength to everybody else. 
     To date, Aidyn has had over 25 surgeries, over 20 chemo treatments, 25 Proton Radiation treatments in Jacksonville Florida and just since November 9, 2010, he has added 6 more surgeries to his list, he has learned how to walk 7 times now and after the last surgeries we don't know if he will truly be able to walk anymore, He has Apraxia (Speech problems), has a neurogenic bladder (has to be cathed) and has a neurogenic stomach (his stomach no longer works).  This is just a sum of what I can remember, I can hardly keep up anymore.  The past few surgeries have really taken a toll on him.  He had a lot of complications from the surgeries such as his inital incision tearing open, a pelvic absess, a Spinal Fluid Leak that landed him flat on his back for 2 months, reconstruction of his rectum and now he has a ostomy.  His stomach looks like a bomb went off in it and there is no more room for tubes and yet he is still smiling.  After all the complications, we were going to try and appy to Extreme Homemaker to help Aidyn in the house and possibly get him a place to do treatments but we have not been able to do that.  He can now sit up a little at a time but will constantly have to be monitored.  Our house looks like a hospital and pharmacy.  We will be traveling in the near future to Cincinnati, Ohio to a Motility Clinic for possible treatment on his stomach.  For survival, he is currently getting IV Nutriention and may have to stay on it forever.  
     Aidyn is a beautiful child of God that deserves so much more than this but has decided to go with the cards he has been dealt.  He gives love to all and enjoys life.  Aidyn has brought so much to the hospital he has called home for the past two years and all the staff loves our little boy.  As long as there is fight in him, we will continue to fight and look for options.
     We have also struggled during this time of challenges to keep our house.  So far, all of Aidyn's prayer warriors are helping with that and it is greatly appreciated since we are down to one income.  Our child is worth more that just material things.  He is our life.....just as all of our children are.  Our oldest children have moved back home to help with Aidyn.  I also want to say that our kids should win the best kid of the year award, they are all the best!!!!

Latest Journal Update


I know its been a while since updating on here but I've been updating a little more on Facebook. I thought since his page had dwendled down on followers, I would try facebook. i Wanted to start by saying that we are extremely blessed even though he is continuing to go through a lot with infections. Aidyn is so strong and continues to surprise everyone. No matter what he faces he comes out stronger and with a huge smile. We are currantly being treated at Egleston for yet another infection. It is the same bacteria he has been fighting for 3 years and treated for 1 year already. It is mycobacteriam. Mycobacterium is usually a bacteria that you get after open heart surgery or transplants. Aidyn has had neither. This infection in his chest made his chest hard as a brick at every point it was and it took the rest of his hearing. We will be put back on two IV antibiotics for up to a year again to try and get rid of the rest of this infection. It is slow growing, from what they say, but to us its shows his ugly face pretty fast. We finished the antibiotics in april and was admitted last Friday for fevers that had been going on for a week. They are trying to come up with plans to help us stop all these infections. Since being at Egleston, we feel like he is now getting the treatment that was needed for so long. The doctors here are trying to make his life better and are thinking outside the box to accomplish that. Please contine to keep him in your prayers. Please also keep Aidyns friend Audrey in your prayers because she will be having surgery on Monday
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Sherlylynn Pierce
By Sherlylynn Pierce
Thanks for the update. We will continue with prayer. I would also like to follow on your FB page.
deb hughes
By deb
Thank you for the post. I was just thinking of you guys last night believe it or not. ..but I was trying to figure out how to nominate you for knock knock. I know you have given up so much and I would love for you to receive some sort of help financially.
What is the FB page? I want to follow. Thanks.
God speed. Prayers!