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Final Court Date

Final court hearing was today! I cannot believe it has been over a year that we have been fighting this. This was Ty’s first time going to court, and seeing his attacker. He said he did not feel anything. We were asked if we would want to speak, and our original answer was no. But when we found out that a family member was going to speak on Trevor’s behalf, (Trevor had about 6 people there supporting him, thankfully my mom was there for us) Ty asked me to do the same for him. I was so nervous, but I got to tell the judge about the suffering we have endured, and about life before and after. I was choking back tears trying to explain how Ty’s life will never be the same. Whenever he has headache I will always wonder if it is something more. Whenever he hits his head on things (ceiling fan seems to be a common occurrence!) I will always wonder if he will be ok. He feels like he has to live in a glass house, and in a lot of ways he does. All he wants is to be normal again, to be able to play sports again, to be able to have his full memory back…but most of all to have his sense of smell back. It really is the little things in life that you miss the most when they are taken away from you.

The judge said he really felt for our family, saying this was a horrific and tragic incident that happened. Trevor’s attorney said that Trevor was really sorry for his actions, and he also tried to play it down as a “man to man” bar fight, but we all know that was not the case. Ty only had two beers in a 4 hour period, and right before he got hit, Ty was looking out over the water trying to see if the fish were jumping. The judge said that even though it was only one punch, it still caused substantial injuries, and for that he would follow the recommended jail time of 3 months. He also put a 5 year no contact/no harassment restraining order in place against Trevor.  He will have to go through an alcohol evaluation, and a year of community service. (I believe, not sure if it was community service/probation)  Trevor got hand cuffed right then and there, and I honestly couldn’t help but feel sorry for his family that was there. I am sure it is never easy watching someone you love be cuffed and booked, but it was not easy for us watching Ty fight for his life. I still remember when Ty was in the hospital, I got a call from a couple people saying that they had seen Trevor at a grocery store. I couldn’t believe he was out shopping while we were stuck in a hospital praying over Tyson, and waiting for him to wake up just so we could say hi.

Everyone that came to the hospital and signed the book for Ty, he finally read all of those entries last night. He got really emotional ,and said he realized he wasn’t indestructible. Everyone thinks of him as the huge farm/football player guy, but we don’t realize that his body was still crafted by God, and can be just as fragile as anyone else.  It took a near death experience for most of us to realize he is still human, and breakable.

We would like to thank you all for your never ending support and prayers. This past year has been full of healing for the both of us. We know that we have a long way to go, but we are so grateful that he is alive, we could not ask for anything more!